New Guardians

Spider Entry 27

Down the rabbit hole proved no less amazing and head spinning then Alice’s. Sure climbing down in the sewer wasn’t a promising start, but the Gyro-Car racing through the tunnels of Grand City was sweet. I hope Jaeger didn’t pick that all up when he contacted me mind. I won’t want him to think me unprofessional. Nah I’m sure I pulled it together by then.

When the ride stopped we reached the Street King’s underground base. Well playground maybe more accurate. A abandoned subway car factor and depot turned into a IRL battle map. Terrible T and I were introduced to some of the SK elites and I learned their benefactor is called The Mechanic, but the truth is certainly that’s just a pseudonym for MODOK. Daemon wouldn’t reveal any big master plan they are working towards, just to have the freedom to use the entire city as their playground. I highly doubt a ex-Nazi supervillain comes out of retirement and possibly out of death to just help create the top gang in Grand City. As they pull out the blood kits to write the power packs to our DNA Jaeger tells me the team is close. The packs are impressive they are self-power through bio-electrical conduction.

Once news of the New Guardians immediate arrival sounds Daemon shuffles Terrible T and I off into the building to stay safe and watch. Ultra-Girl dramatically bursts in and demands their surrender. “The mechanic” appears on all of the arena screens and now we know for sure its MODOK. The Street Kings and turrets open fire as Jaeger and Dynamo catch up. I sneak away and suit up. Better to let Terrible T think I’m a coward then learn I’m The Spider. Jaeger was kind enough to stash my Web-Blasters, but while Dynamo is having fun playing solider running from cover to cover Ultra-Girl is getting lit-up like a Rockefeller Christmas tree, so no time I had to take out those turrets.

Once Overburn arrives the tide turns and we once gain put the Street Kings in their place. Then just like the third stage of New World Order we get a boss fight. The Elites. Overburn squared off with Ghost maker whose gun can turn some one else desolid. Gollum who is big and strong goes after Ultra-Girl. Their invisible sniper Dutch goes hard after Jaeger and Dynamo leaving me with the twin-bladed armored MMA fighter Bayoneta. Her flirting all most took the sting out of her energy blades, almost. Between Grossa and Bayoneta I’ve gotta try to not let this go to my head. Hey I’m all for strong women aggressively going after what they want, but where were these modern feminist at the last Sadie Hawkins dance? I’m literally sore to admit Bayoneta got the best of me and put me down hard. But not has hard as it was to believe that Price came to my aid. Even Providence saving me would have been less embarrassing after all my talk that we didn’t need him.

By the time I got to my feet again my teammates took down Dutch and Bayoneta and were already teaming up on Gollum. Getting pounded on repeatedly by Dynamo and Ultra-Girl couldn’t have happened to a nicer got. I leapt onto Ghost Maker’s back keeping his weapon out of use before he shunts Overburn into an alternate state of being again, but before we could take him down he turned insubstantial and fled. The Daemon took off too.

All in all not too bad for a few days’ work, nearly all of the street kings were arrested and the few left are not enough to be a real threat to the city for a while. Not defeated, but certainly broken. I found MODOK workshop. He was studying us for some time and I believe designing new suits to specifically to take us out. And then we found the mother lode, two giant vats of programmed nanites. Overburn entered the workshop just as I found the kill command to destroy all of the nanites. Then the little bit of good well I was feeling towards Price after saving me was torpedoed by his greed. He wanted to keep the nanites for Price Industries. We called the others down to make a group decision. I explained that if these nanites fall into the wrong hands and can be used to make another gang of Street Kings or worse.

Overburn was trying to sell them on how one day they could be used to cure cancer. I nearly barfed in my mask. He was actually starting to win the vote with Ultra-Girl and Dynamo on his side, when the truth was the nanites aren’t the scientific breakthrough needed to cure disease or world hunger, they’re the raw material to use once the break through happens and to Price it’s just an extra 3-billion dollars. With pressuring and questions for Lex Price Overburn revealed his true identity as Lex to Ultra-Girl and Dynamo.

Ultra-Girl took it well, if you don’t take into account the look of betrayal on her face and punching Overburn through a wall. Ultra-Girl hit the kill switch on the Nanite tanks and the meeting was adjourned!

New Gaurdians Issue 25


Cover: The New Guardians face off against the Outsiders

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