The Jaeger

Detective with a new career


Born to Ulrich and Anke Schaefer in a working class are outside of the city, Wolfgang Maximilian Schaefer is the oldest of 6 children in a very traditional and well-rooted German family. His family has owned and operated Schaefer’s Kitchen since immigrating to the country in the early 1900s, a popular and well respected butcher shop and deli in the area, and very much a focal point for the local community. Growing up in these surroundings only strengthened his innate sense of family and friends above all else. While Max (as he typically is called) was very much logic oriented, his siblings were all artistic save for his youngest brother, Johann, who would grow up to serve his community as a firefighter and be Max’s closest friend.

Growing up, Max had a rather unremarkable childhood. Brighter and more observant than most of his friends, he excelled at reading people’s decisions and motivations, usually in an effort to help others achieve their goals. A constant sorrow was the petty crime that seemed endemic and borderline tolerated by the neighborhood, which would later become a motivator for many decisions later in life. Upon graduation from High School, he entered the Marine Corps. While he did well and could have become a career officer, being away from home was too much of a burden and after his duty was served, came back to the neighborhood and entered the police force.

Starting off as a beat cop, while he quickly learned things may not always be as they seem, Occam’s Razor still holds true if you see the big picture. Max quickly started honing his skills to deal with more than just the crime he sees day in and day out, but try and trace it to its roots. Despite earning many commendations, he quickly had his first brush with the brass came when refusing the standard issue Glock in favor of the Beretta M9 he became accustom to in the Marines. This lead him to becoming close to Captain Lambert, another former Marine, who would mentor Schaefer and end up signing off on his rather quick promotion to Detective in the Vice Squad. This was not without merit as Max quickly proved himself to be an excellent interrogator and investigator. At the age of 29, he became a local hero in uncovering a conspiracy involving an established politician and a murdered prostitute. Max coaxed a confession and additional intelligence indicating the local crime syndicates and government were working together. When the dust settled, his small neighborhood enjoyed a renaissance and much more prosperous times. Max was commended and promoted to a Lieutenant in Homicide in the big city. Here he continued to excel, including turning down offers of promotion because it would take him away from investigating. He eventually relented when an opportunity to join the State Police Criminal Investigation Division opened up, a very prestigious position that also bumped his pay. Being a member of the state’s CID allowed him to work the biggest and most challenging cases, which meant occasionally working with the various “supers” that he begrudgingly admired.

Now 46, all of the crime and death has been around for so long has been taking its toll on his psyche. His wife of 15 years, Nancy, has been the rock he has relied on since they met. She currently manages the family deli and is the only one that knows the flask of Scotch whiskey he carries is out of necessity. While Max rarely loses control, he finds it harder to operate without taking a sip now and then. The few that see him take a swig on occasion just chalk it up to him being cut from that “old school” cloth.

All of which has been lost. The incident with the Overmind that unleashed The Jaeger’s powers has also purged Max’s mind of much of his life. His wife, family, and friends are nothing but shadows, shadows he is not certain he wants to shine a light upon for fear that his new stature in Grand City might threaten them.

The Detective cannot help but continue the fight for good, however, only now facing greater foes than he had ever imagined.

The Jaeger

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