rebellious "bad girl" brick


Alexandra “Alex” Flynn; 16 year old Sophomore; attractive brunette



When Alex transferred to Empire High, she needed to make some new friends quickly (although she would tell you that she doesn’t need anyone). She fell in with ‘Lainie and Marcie. Elaine Park is a junior the leader of the small gang (she has a car) and sees Alex as a potential threat but knows she’s cool enough that it’s better to have her with her (and under her) than against her. Sometime ‘Lainie makes Alex do things that even our favorite rebel is uncomfortable with! Marcie Carter, on the other hand, is a more upbeat and fun-loving girl (she meets Alex halfway and they walk to school together). Alex considers Marcie to be her best friend.

She smokes a lot to be “cool”. Her energized body protects her from becoming addicted to tobacco, but sometimes she can find herself short-of-breath. She is often playing with her zippo lighter which has the Greek letter Omega stenciled on it: Ω

She typically dresses in tight clothes which show off her midriff.

An incident happened recently where a bunch of bullies were picking on a mousy girl named Violet Simpkins. They were calling her by the nick-name ‘Simp’ and were pushing her around and taking her things. Alex couldn’t stand by and watch anymore and stood up for Violet even at the risk of ruining her rep as the bad girl at school. Violet was so grateful she started babbling about being “… saved by an angel – so pretty – … a super girl … no, better than super — the bestest girl .. y-you, you – you’re like an Ultra-Girl!

The incident made Alex feel really good – helping someone like that. So much so that she starting going out on patrols. She changed her hair style and clothes a bit but wasn’t too worried about protecting her identity. She would listen to the Police band on her phone and try to beat the cops to robberies. She has stopped a few – not caring about a little property damage in the process – and when the people she saves asks her who she is, each time she says the same thing – “I’m Ultra-Girl.”


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