New Guardians

The Chameleon
Session 12


A long panel shows Raven Girl running, the view is down an alley between two buildings. A scene of a building, close-up, followed by another view down an alley and Raven Girl still running.
The next panel shows Raven Girl at the end of an alley looking toward the frame, a smile on her lips.

The building on the left has, in big letters across the top of the building “Grand City Archives”. The front door is cracked open slightly.

The next frame shows the door closed and through a darkened window the circular light of a flash light shining on a far wall can be seen.

Scene 2. ON PATROL

Centurian, Afterburn, and Lady Azure are flying through the night sky. Centurion is explaining something to Afterburn.

Let talking ensue.

While flying over the city, near the river, the sound of an explosion is heard, followed rapidly by a second explosion. Neither sounded extremely powerful, but it was definitely an explosion none-the-less.

Upon reaching the site of the explosion the heroes see:

“The railway’s bridge over the river is missing. There is smoke rising from either end of the bridge. There are three persons at the river.”

As you get close, you see the three better:

One is a large green humanoid. He is approximately 10 feet tall holding a large wooden club.
The second is a mutant, dog-faced, with an alligator’s tail, and a lobster claw for his right hand.

The third is a bug-eyed, shaved-headed man hunched over with oversized hands and feet.


Raven Girl is in the shadows (above or around the corner) watching six mutants going through paperwork. They seem to have a purpose and are using some kind of device to capture data.

Let fighting ensue.

18 seconds after the fight starts, the sound of a passenger train can be heard hurtling toward the river.

The villains will flee.


Over all communicators this message is heard: “Strange creatures have been sighted in Grand City’s Central Park. Reports of violent actions are beginning to come in.”

There are several strange beings in the center of the park. Several women and children appear to be held against their will or too frightened to run away. There are a few men laying in the park, unconscious or dead.


“Mr. Price, your assistant, Ms. Sinclair has prepared your documents and submitted them to the council. We were just asking her if you’d be available to host the Holiday Parade. What do you think? You are, after all, one of our biggest sponsors.”


“Mr. Leads, how long have you been working for us?”

The chief asks Mr. Leads to get the scoop during the parade.

“That’s great, Mr. Leads. Also, if you can get a picture of the Guardians when they arrive I’d like to put them on the front page.”


“In other news, the mayor has asked the Guardians to attend the Holiday Parade to honor them for the great help they have been during the city’s needs.”


It is late in the evening and Raven Girl is perched high in the city as usual, listening for tell-tail signs of trouble. She notices, however, a figure wearing all black walking among the shadows of the city. While his features are hidden from view, Raven Girl does not fail to notice the cat-like grace with which the man moves through the city. It appears that Ronin is back in town…


Ronin tells Raven Girl where the Chameleon will strike next.


“You should welcome us to your town” a morbidly obese, green skinned woman says loudly to those who have gathered to watch the scene unfolding before them. “Invite us over for tea, you know?” She takes a deep breath, seemingly tired from her recent energy expenditure. “We would not want to feel like ‘Outcasts’ among you!”.

Let fighting ensue…

Institute for Geological Exploration
Session 11

Scene 1. WAR ROOM

Centurian is sitting alone in the War Room, seemingly in deep thought.

“Sir, a silent alarm has been triggered at the Institute of Geological Study. It appears as though the signal was specifically routed to this location instead of the campus security for the institute. Should I disregard this message?”

“I should mention, there is some additional data, noise on the signal, sir. I have displayed the data on the screen to your left.”


Crouched in the shadows in a security room is Raven Girl. The soft green glow of a computer terminal highlights her profile in the strip. She switches off the terminal screen and looks around the room. There are two guards laying on the floor, they look to be unconscious. She steps lightly around their forms and silently leaves the security office.


Seen around the corner of a large box from above, five men are moving around below. Three seem to be working on computer terminals, the soft green glow of a computer terminal only slightly giving enough light to make out their masculine features. Something on their faces reflect some of the green glow from the terminals.

The other two men are moving quickly from shadow to shadow seemingly searching for or placing something into the shadows. While they are moving quickly, with purpose, there does not seem to be any urgency to their movements.


In a large hanger of obvious military origin stands a group of highly decorated officers all looking at another highly decorated officer. There is no text bubble for this scene, but the singled out officer looks angry.
The next panel shows the officer, now dressed in a blue jumpsuit in manacles. The name stenciled across his back is: Xandros. He looks anything but repentant.

The next panel shows him mopping a floor and there is a computer set up at a desk in the corner. A wicked smile is played across his face.


It is late in the evening and the campus is mostly dark when you arrive at the building. There is one main entrance and a loading dock at the back of the building.

The interior of this building is filled with mechanical devices, crates, and husks of geological surveying robotic equipment. Along each wall are robotic arms and what looks to be prototypal geological equipment for testing new designs. All along the wall are large rocks of various material ranging from granite to obsidian. In the center of the warehouse are several computer terminals and stacks of crates.

There are five men in the room. They are dressed in military-looking uniforms without rank or branch affiliation. Each of the men have mechanical devices with flashing lights connected to their heads over their left ear and metallic left arms. Each also is carrying a sidearm.
When you enter the room one of the five flips a switch on the terminal he is standing at and the lights turn on and the mechanical arms around the room whir to life.

Another of the men reaches over to his mechanical left arm and presses a button. At that moment, many of the crates around the room begin to shudder and break apart.
Fighting ensues.

Scene 6. CLEAN-UP

When the dust settles, sirens can be heard in the distance, getting closer.

Searching the computers will indicate that a program was uploaded to the central machine. A copy can be made.

The uniforms the agents were wearing are definitely military in nature, but do not denote any rank or other affiliation.

The night guards from the security room are well, just unconscious. They seem to have been hit by a high current electrical signal which rendered them unconscious and caused them to lose some short-term memory of about one hour.


The program is quite sophisticated. The key to the data encryption turned out to be “Xandros”. After the file was unencrypted, determining its purpose was simple. The new software had four modes which could be activated (this includes remote activation):

1. Return to location
2. Go to a location
3. Attack Mode
4. Defend Mode

Gabriel Price was once invited to the military installation, Avalon to assist a Captain Xandros with some high powered processor chipsets. The design was what would be considered “top-of-the-line” and highly experimental technology. However, based on the captain’s knowledge, Mr. Price felt that perhaps the military had more knowledge than they were willing to share about this cutting-edge technology.

The name “Xandros”, along with the reference to “Avalon Military Base” will bring up an article making mention of a highly decorated science officer of the Air Force, but most of the article is classified. The non-classified section states that Captain Xandros was assigned to a special project at the military installation on the island. The end of the article states that he was remanded to an un-named military prison.

The Military base, Avalon, on the Island deemed a military no-fly zone some years ago and was made off-limits to civilians at the same time.


About two weeks ago Raven Girl noticed some strange radio signals being broadcasted and returned from several sites throughout the U. S. The signals moved from one location to another. The latest location was the Institute of Technology here in Grand City. She went to investigate and found that there were several men messing around with some of the equipment. It didn’t take too long to remotely hack into the terminals to find that they were uploading what looked to be a virus to the mainframe. It also looked like they had modified several of the pieces of equipment in the warehouse.

The two security guards were down hard and seemed to be deeply unconscious. In the event that the men were able to do the same thing to Raven Girl if she interfered with their nocturnal activities she modified the silent alarm and activated the signal.

After tonight’s encounter, either the frequency has changed or it has ceased to be broadcast.

Scene 9. AVALON

Once the PCs get in touch with the Commanding Officer of the Avalon Air Force Base, Colonel Irons, they are given this information:

About ten years ago, Captain Xandros was stationed to the cybernetic research department here on Avalon. We invited Mr. Price to our base about six years ago when we ran into a little trouble with our processor chips. In short, Captain Xandros was tasked with assisting military personnel with recovery and mitigation of wounds taken in combat. His specialty was prosthetic limbs. He was given a contract, partially funded by taxpayer money to develop replacement limbs and technological replacements for damages to our soldiers sustained during fights.

Unfortunately, two years ago it was discovered that he had gone ‘above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty’ and had begun to experiment on undamaged personnel, hoping to enhance their physical prowess by replacing what he called ‘weak flesh’ with mechanical implants.

Because of his crimes against military personnel and his expenditure of unallocated funds he was remanded to a high-security military prison. Six months ago he broke out of the prison and we have been searching for him ever since. At the time of his break-out, several other inmates and guards also disappeared. If the guards departed with him, he had at least thirty men help him escape. Also, just after his escape, a platoon of highly skilled army personnel went AWOL. At this time it has been classified as a coincidence, but personally I found it to be highly suspicious.

I would be happy to show you his lab and experiments, but just after he was arrested, his lab self-destructed, killing three lab technicians.

The whole situation is intolerable. Xandros is probably the most knowledgeable man on the planet in regards to bio-machinery and cybernetic implants. I am afraid that without his willingness to share his knowledge the damage to his lab and research has set back our ability to help physically challenged soldiers, or anyone else ten years.


Just as Colonel Irons finishes speaking a general alarm sounds. “That’s not good” he says. Then with a nod of apology he rushes off shouting commands to his underlings.

Fighting ensues.


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