Centurion is a experienced superhero based out of Grand City, USA, but is known world wide as a champion of justice and hope.


Centurion stands six feet and four inches tall and is physically a perfect specimen of the human race. Below his blond hair and a square jaw he wears a skin tight costume primary grey with red gauntlets, boots and a cape. At the center of his chest is an emblem of an exploding star.

Secret Identity

While in the persona of Ken Leeds, he is tall, squared jawed and anything, but remarkable. Often found wearing a cheap suit, with plain mat brown hair and wearing a heavy pair of glasses.


Ken is a reporter with The Daily Sun newspaper and has a crush on his fellow reporter Vicki Rhoades.


Ken Leeds was found at the age of one in a cornfield in Littleton Ohio by the owner of the farm Joseph Leeds and his wife Darla in 1985. The older couple sitting on the porch witnessed a shooting star grow larger and crash-land in their cornfields. Upon investigation they found it was no meteorite, but a small capsule. It opened to reveal a small blond haired male child.

They took the baby to Littleton county orphanage reporting they found him abandoned, but left out the parts about a shooting star and space capsule. After two months no one came for the child and he was adopted by the Leeds and given the name Ken. During Ken’s adolescence his powers began to manifest, his parents taught him how to hide his budding powers and to be careful to never harm anyone.

By age 16 his parents explained how they found him and showed him the capsule they kept hidden all these years. When Ken touched the small broken craft a small compartment opened revealing a diamond shaped device. When Ken picked it up he unknowingly activated it. The device, which he quickly learned was called Calx of Scientia or translated to mean the Stone of Knowledge. The Calx is an extremely advanced computer from Ken’s home dimension. It was sent with him by his birth father to explain who he is and where he came from and most important of all to warn him.

Ken was born Ka-Dorn, son of Karick and Adorna on an earth in an alternate dimension. This earth was much the same except that Ancient Rome never fell. It continued on into modern times and with nearly the entire world rule under the same government technology and art had far surpassed this earth’s own.

Karick was a great scientist and when Omega The Lord of the Terminus dimension invaded Karick was appointed Centurion. The Centurion goes back to ancient times when the empire was under attack and the senate’s voting was too slow to make all the decisions necessary. A single man called the Centurion would be given total authority to protect the Empire. Karick knew of the Terminus Dimension, it is a plan of existence that touches all others, it is the home of entropy and destruction. Lord Omega a powerful and immortal being in a suit of power armor topped with a clear helm showing his skeletal face, who believes in nothing more then conquering and destroying of all other dimensions. With each one that falls his dimension grows.

Karick saw to the defenses, but knew they did not have the power to stop Lord Omega. So he designed a craft that could take his only son to another earth in a yet untouched dimension. Unfortunately to reach this place the craft must pass through the Terminus, to counteract the natural entropy of the Terminus Dimension he bombarded the small craft and his infant son within with proton energies. With the city falling around him, he placed the Calx into the ship and launched it. Calx further explained that his father theorized that the extremely high levels of protons mixed with the large amounts of anti-matter of the Terminus dimensional barrier would have a strange effect and forever change Ka-Dorn, charging his body with a limitless surge of proton energies.

This was a father’s last gift to his son and his last act against Lord Omega. He hoped that should Lord Omega ever come to this new earth, his son would have the power to take on the role of Centurion and defeat him.

Mr. Leeds encouraged Ken to leave these thoughts behind and focus on his future, college and then a good career. That’s precisely what Ken did, after high school he went to Ohio State and then graduate school for Journalism at University in Grand City. At age 26 Ken had landed a reporter position with The Daily Sun newspaper’s crime desk. The big city life has been a shock to Ken, crime is all around and the police never seem to be enough. Ken has helped save a life here and there, but he always remembers his father’s words about protecting his secret. But with each day it gets harder and harder to just stand by.

Confused on whom to listen to, his father that raised him or his father that saved him. Live a normal life, or become the man his father designed him to be, a protector. Hoping to find a balance Ken designed a red and grey costume with his father’s centurion crest on his chest, he would continue to be Ken Leeds the reporter and also in times of need be the Centurion.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super-Strength: Centurion has been known to to lift 26.2 Kilotons. His true limit is yet unknown.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: He is nearly impervious to all forms of harm, mundane or otherwise.
  • Flight: 261,000 mph
  • Super-Senses: Acute and telescopic sight & hearing. Micro sight up to x1000 magnification. Ultrasonic perception and N-ray vision.
  • Proton Eye Beams: These beams of pure white energy can melt down a bank vault door.
  • Super-Breath: Centurion is able to inhale a significant amount of air quickly and expel it in a gale-winds level force.


A year after donning the red & grey costume Centurion has made a superior name for himself with in the United States, being honored twice in Grand City with a statue. In the last few months Centurion along with Soul Dragon and Arclight started the world’s first superhero team, The Guardians.


During a recent encounter with the villain Capt Xandros Centurion was exposed to Anti-Matter Shards from a crashed ship from the Terminus Dimension and the exposure nearly killed him.

Due to his proton based powers while in the proximity (10 meters) to anti-matter Centurions’ powers fail and his strength begins to weaken. The pain is also quite severe. In addition weapons using Anti-Matter bypass his nigh-Invulnerability.

A deal with the devil

During the Terminus Invasion Centurion and Dr. Kazaku were captured and held prisoner on Abolition and forced to fight in the arena. In exchange for their freedom to return to Earth in time to still save it, Centurion had to lay with Lord Omega’s daughter Ledra in hopes of providing her a child. To date this was the most difficult decision Ken has had to face.


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