Cyberlith Mrk III

Cyberlith mk iii

Cyberlith Mrk III

Cyberliths are 16m tall robots designed by Price Industries and equipped for moving and destroying large heavy obstacles like boulders for mining and geological purposes. Capt. Xandros has stolen the designs and several manufactured Cyberliths and conducted his own modifications, first of which was to make it pilotable.

Height: 16m
Weight: 100 tons

Weapon systems

The mrk III is equiped with a suite of deadly weapons:

1. 25-foot tall metal alloy axe attached to it’s left arm.
2. A chest encased laser cannon; it’s shield at all times except while firing.
3. Flame-Thrower mounted in the right elbow.
4. Whirling Blades; twin spinning razor sharp blades on telescoping arms. Retractable from the waist of the Cyberlith.
5. Sonic disintegration cannon; mounted on the left shoulder.
6. Anti-matter disruptor cannon of alien origin; mounted on it’s right wrist.

Cyberlith Mrk III

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