Department of Meta-Human Affairs

New Guardians 2025

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With the absence Guardians, and the number of reported new meta’s as well as meta crimes, the US government created a new division under the Department of Homeland Security called the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Their mandate is to assess and handle any meta human threats (both foreign and domestic) to the US. Amanda Waller, is the current Director of DMA.


Amanda Waller
Director Waller earned a reputation in the CIA as a top field agent. “The Wall” as some called her was one that always did her homework, and never shied from the tough decisions. Unapologetic and unflinching she worked her way up to become the youngest Associate Director of the CIA before brief stint as Warden of Argus Prison prison which led to her recent promotion as Director of the DMA.

Department of Meta-Human Affairs

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