Doctor Fenris


Doctor Fenris is equally tragic as he is dangerous.

Physical Appearance

When transformed into Doctor Fenris he is a massive collection of fur and corded muscle eight feet tall at his haunches and weighing 600 kg. His hands end in deadly claws and possesses a maw of razor sharp teeth. His eyes glow a brilliant green at night.

When not transformed Fenton looks of a man losing a battle with a deadly disease.


History & Origin

Doctor Fenton “Fen” Iris was a research scientist for OmniCorp and part time college professor at Grand City University. Dr. Iris suffers from Darvon’s Disease, a rare thyroid condition weakening his body so much that he requires a wheel chair to move around. He hopes that one day through science he can find a cure transforming him back into a man of vigor that he used to be.

In 2022 Dr. Iris was recruited by the CEO of OmniCorp due to his expertise in genetics and promised OmniCorp’s full resources in finding a cure for Darvon’s Disease. After three years of failures Fen became more ill and much more desperate. He began using a new catalyst found hidden deep in the archive storage tombs of the OmniCorp Mid-town lab. Its origin was unknown only a simple label noting it as “Chameleon Serum IV”. The doctor began testing it on a variety of creatures to spectacular results. The serum altered the subjects’ DNA.

This progress was halted as Fen’s disease worsened to a degree keeping him on bed rest. A rule tightly enforced by his wife Mora. He worked from theory and speculation while convalescing . After two months of this Fen had a break through on a new formula using the Chameleon Serum IV and along with wolf DNA. He asked a student of his Derek Drake to film the experiment and explained that the North American wolf has one of the strongest endocrine systems of any mammal and that combined it could cure those like him with Darvon’s Disease. Derek attempted to prevent Fen from using the serum on himself, but it was too late he had already taken it before the young man’s arrival.

Dr. Iris entered a violent seizer and moments later transformed into a giant man-wolf with amazing strength. The compassionate and reasonable man was replaced by rage and animal instincts. Confused he tore apart the lab and ran lose into the city.

A new personality formed between the great intellect and memories of Dr. Iris and this new being of instinct. The combination proved nearly disastrous to Grand City.

Over the next several days he tore up the city like a mystical beast of ancient lore, thwarted only be the intervention of a new costume hero called The Spider. In one such battle The Spider noted Dr. Fen Iris was now more like Fenris the Norse wolf-monster and the name Doctor Fenris stuck in the local papers.

The Doctor Fenris persona possessing elements of Fen’s desire to overcome disease sought to transform the weak and frail human race, along with his wife into creatures like himself. Accessing memories from a decade ago he attempted to recreate a scene from something he lived through as a young man when a villain called The Chameleon nearly turned all of Grand City into Hyena men.

He was stopped by The Spider who had created an antidote to permanently change him back into Dr. Iris again. Once injected he was retuned back into his himself although still very much afflicted with Darvon’s Disease.

He was sent to Argus prison awaiting a psych evaluation and testing.

Powers & Abilities

•Super-Endurance and Durability
•Thick hide of armor-like fur
•Razor sharp claws and teeth
•Enhanced vision, hearing and sense of smell
•A keen scientific mind as Dr. Iris.

Doctor Fenris

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