Lady Azure

Blue skinned defender of Grand City’s citizens


Lady Azure stands at 5’10" with an athletic build. She is always calm and poised, and speaks with a french accent. It is this demeanor that lead to her being called Lady Azure. Initially she just referred to herself as Azure but a child she saved during a bank robbery told the press that the hero carried herself like a noble lady. From then on the name stuck.


Lady azure 3

Hero ID

Not much is known of this blue skinned heroine other than she has arrived in Grand City seeking a villain known as the Chameleon. Where she came from still remains a mystery to most.

Only her team knows that she is actually an alien that became stranded on earth many years ago.

Liara pearl

Secret ID

Since defending Grand City from the Crimson Cabal, and joining other heroes in the forming of the Grand City Guardians, Lady Azure has decided to take up permanent residence.

While she spends much of her time in the Guardians research lab as Lady Azure, she has also taken a lab assistant position at a local university in her alter ego Liara Pearl.

True form

True ID

Liara T’soni is an Alien from the dwarf planet Asaer. What humans call Pluto, and know very little about.

Liara, is a young gifted bio-scientist that was part of a science team who discovered that atmospheric gases are depleting on her planet. It was her theories that proved the rate of decay. That in 5 or 6 generations Asaer (Pluto) will be inhabitable to breath. While Plutoians can alter their bodies on a cellular level as an evolutionary survival trait, without a new source of gas to breathe it won’t matter. As such, groups of scientists were sent out across the solar system to find “alien” material that could produce new gases. Or new genetic traits they could learn to mimic for survival.

Liara and her partner were honored with their own research shuttle. D’onaire was the older of the pair and had been a part of two man teams before but this was to be the first unsupervised mission for Liara. The youngest to be given such an honor and trust. She was further thrilled to have this mission with D’onaire as they had become much more than just friends and this time alone together was rare.

That all changed when their ship crashed here on earth and she alone survived. Stranded, she has made earth her new home and taken on the mantle of Lady Azure to help project its people.

Lady Azure

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