Lord Omega

Lord omega

Lord Omega is the end of all things, the more he destroys the more powerful the Terminus Dimension becomes. The terminus is one of only two dimensions that touches all other dimensions, it is a realm of entropy. With each life form and planet destroyed in another dimension those released cosmic energies are absorbed into the Terminus and it grows. This increase his dominion and sustains his immortal life.

Conquest of Annihilation

He can’t be negotiated with because there is no compromise the defending force can live with, literally. He is Lord Omega, he is the end of all things.


According to the Calx of Scientia Lord Omega’s species was called the Ta’kari.


Lord Omega’s suit can comprehend and translate any known language and after conquering the same planets over and over again in different dimension there a few unknown languages to the immortal being.

The Ta’kari language is the primary form of communication in the Terminus dimension and used personally by immortal being; Lord Omega.


The Ta’kari were a race of ancient extra dimensional beings. Their entire species was all but eradicated when a cataclysmic event merged their dimension with another. The lone Ta’kari survivor although forever mutilated conquered this new dimension and named it the Terminus and was born Lord Omega the end of all things.


Lord Omega possessed incredible strength and durability, along with the power drawn from the Terminus Dimension he is granted immortality. Lord Omega wears a suit of advance technology of his design made from Koremite, which offers flight & various weapon systems including: Particle blasts, Entropy rays and disintegration beams. With in the suit’s helmet is stored atmosphere from the Terminus. This atmosphere eases the agony of his initial injuries. He can he can function with out the atmosphere, but he is greatly distracted by the pain and if left with out it for a long period of time he will enter a “mad” state.


Lord Omega is known to wield at times The Terminus Staff and an Anti-Matter Ray.

Lord Omega

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