OmniCorp is a multinational technologies company excelling in both private and military contracts. OmniCorp is known for always being on the cutting edge of science and future technologies.

Although the company has locations in Great Britain, India and Germany the company’s headquarters is located in Grand City, USA.

OmniCorp Executive Officers

CEO Reginald Samuels


Name: Reginald Samuels
Appearance: A fit and imposing man in his late forties. Wears his blond hair short and is rarely seen with a smile when a camera is not pointed his way.
Notes: Reginald is the current CEO and only son of OmniCorp’s founder Thaddeus Samuels. He is responsible for making aggressive acquisitions of smaller think-tank companies and seamlessly folding them into OmniCorp making it the mega corporation it is today.

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Mid-Town Research & Development Building


OmniCorp Lead Scientist

Alistair Smythe


Name: Prof. Alistair Smythe, VP OmniCorp Robotics
Appearance: add
Notes: Robotics genius and formerly part of science duo with his father Spence. That is until his father was caught in the middle of a fight between The Spider and Doctor Fenris.

Anthony Ivo


Name: Prof. Anthony Ivo
Appearance: add
Notes: Although a “Renaissance Man” of the sciences his specialty is in cybernetics. A bit eccentric, he is widely respected (and envied) withing the science community.


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