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Name: Ka-Dorn /Secret ID: Ken Leeds
Origin: Super-Science
Appearance: 6’4" blond hair and a wears a skin tight costume primary grey with red gauntlets, boots and a cape. At the center of his chest is an emblem of an exploding star.
Notes: He is a founding member of The Guardians and is known world wide as a champion of justice and hope. He posseses super human strength, flight and is nigh-invulnerable.



Name: Amanda Leland
Origin: Normal Human
Appearance: is beautiful mix of Chinese and Irish heritage
Notes: She is the granddaughter to Duncan Leland, famous philanthropist and industrialist. He is also The Raven. Amanda took on the cape and cowl when she started school in Grand City and helped the Guardians a several missions before deciding to join. She is an expert martial arts and equipped with a seemingly endless supply of gadgets.



Name: Gabriel Price
Origin: Power Armor
Appearance: Handsome blond man
Notes: CEO of Price Industries. He offered aid and support to the original members of The Guardians before they were a team. After losing the use of his legs in a plane crash Mr. Price built a power armor suit and joined the Guardians.

The Mantis


Name: Lee Chin
Origin: Mutation & Super-Science
Appearance: Wears a green hooded ninja costume & twin swords on his back.
Notes: Born in China he was taken away from his mother, a powerful psychic and experimented on. While still a boy his tongue was cut out to force his development of telepathy. Once an adult he broken away from his captors, stole a hover bike and fled to Grand City. After a year living a simple life he has decided to join The Guardians.



Name: Corey “Corked” Fetisov
Origin: Mutation
Appearance: When powered up he is completely covered in ice.
Notes: Corey is a snowboarder and mountain resort employee who discovered he was a mutant when he survived a terrible crash that proved fatal to his friends. After helping to stop the villain Playtime he is being considered for membership of The Guardians.

Inactive Members



Name: Dr. Thomas Arkwright
Origin: Alien Host
Appearance: When transformed Arclight is a being of semi-solid light.
Notes: He is a founding member of The Guardians. Arclight possesses the power to shot out destructive beams of light and fly at the speed of light. In his secret ID he is a college professor and meta-human expert.

Lady Azure


Name: Liara T’soni
Origin: Alien
Appearance: 5’10" with an athletic build, blue skin and hairless.
Notes: She is a founding member of The Guardians. She is an alien from the dwarf planet Asaer, what humans call Pluto, and know very little about. She is a powerful psionic and a gifted scientist.

Soul Dragon


Name: James Jones
Origin: Mystical & Martial Training
Appearance: A extremely fit Caucasian male in his early twenties.
Notes: He is a founding member of The Guardians and Host to the Soul Dragon a immortal spirit that has protected the world for thousands of years.

The Pharaoh


Name: Howard Carter III
Origin: Magic
Appearance: larger than life he wars golden armor, and the rest of his clothing is chiefly red and black. He carries a staff and a Khopesh sword.
Notes: When Howard wears a enchanted nemes he becomes the god-like Pharaoh with powers of teleportation, amazing strength and durability. Although Howard was a founding member of the Guardians, The Pharaoh took longer to convince.

Graxo (Deceased)


Name: Graxo
Origin: Alien
Appearance: Graxo is a large brown skinned alien with reptile-like features including a tail. He is very bulky.
Notes: He is the last Ergoxian. On his home world he was a scientist of dimensional energies and used worm holes to look upon other dimensions. This caught the notice of Lord Omega who destroyed his people and kept him for study. Graxo meet Centurion and The Kraken on Abolition and returned to Earth with them in time to help save it. Graxo died saving Earth from a Anti-Matter bomb only a few months later.

The Kraken


Name: Dr. Dorin Kazaku
Origin: Primordial Magic
Appearance: Grey haired older gentleman, mustache and goatee, fond of nice clothes, capes and canes
Notes: Dorin fought the Khal’kru through time and space and conquered it enough to trap it inside of him. He can now call for it’s terrible powers and use them for good. The Kraken joined the Guardians during The Terminus invasion. He can create psychic tentacles to attack his foes.



Name: add
Origin: Super-Science
Appearance: Wears a costume of indigo form fitting material.
Notes: He came from the year 2032 in a alternate time line to save the world. He possesses a one of a kind super-computer ring that can manipulate the world on a subatomic level.

Gallery of the Guardians Archives Cast of Characters General NPC’s Monsters

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