The Raven for this generation

Raven-Girl is an 20 year old rookie hero testing her training, and fortitude in America’s greatest city.

Real Name: Amanda Leland
Appearance: Amanda is beautiful mix of Chinese and Irish heritage. She possess the soft features and flawless skin of her Asian heritage and the red hair and green eyes of her great grandmother’s Irish roots.

Costume: Raven-Girl sports a black cowl and skin tight body suit with a emblem of a raven’s head against a purple background. Her cape’s exterior is black and underside is purple. The capes ends are cut in such a way to look like feathers. The suit is completed with a grey utility belt and boots.



Raven-Girl is the granddaughter to Duncan Leland, famous philanthropist and industrialist. Duncan is also known to only a few as the man behind the famous but now retired superhero of Moonhaven called The Raven.

Amanda was raised by her grandfather after her parents were killed. He taught her the skills of The Raven, but only for her protection against any of his old foes that would target his family.

Now at age 20 Amada decided to leave Moonhaven and go to graduate school at the same university her parents met at in Grand City. Over the years Duncan has seen the look on her face and vacant stare out a window. She too had a wound to heal from her parent’s untimely death. She pleaded with her grandpa to use the skills he’s taught her to fight crime and make a difference. The answer over the years grew from “no”, into “you’re not ready”. With the decision to leave Moonhaven Duncan knew he could no longer delay the inevitable. As much as she looks like her grandmother, through both nature and nurture she is her grandfather’s daughter. With reverence she accepted the cowl and new costume of The Raven, pledging to carry on the ideals and responsibility that comes with being being the protector of lost souls.

During the day Amanda attends Claremont University in Grand City, but by night she is… Raven-Girl.


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