Siberia is rookie hero just learning how to use his powers and what it means to be a hero.


While his powers are activated Siberia is covered head to toe in his ice armor. When not powered on he is a thin male in his early twenties with a goatee.

Secret Identity

Corey Fetisov or “Corked” as his friends call him is known among his friends and family as a slacker. If anything can be put off till tomorrow then Corked will do so and even things that can’t be put-off. Corey works as a part time mountain resort employee and snowboard instructor. He recently moved out of his mom’s house into a small apartment in Kingsrow with five roommates.


Only a few months ago Corked and three friends were driving down Grand Mountain road like any other Sunday night at the end of their shifts. Unknown to them on the same road down the mountain the police were in hot pursuit of the Super-Villain Hellblazer. Driving a stolen van, trying to give the cops the slip and loving to cause havoc Hellblazer shot a gout of flame melting the tires of a 18-wheeler. At the same time Corked and his friends rounded the bend and were forced off the road by the out of control semi-truck. The crash was horrific. Corey only survive by the sudden activation of his latent mutant abilities to freeze the air around him and covering himself in ice.

The police pulled his wet clothed body from the wreckage and learned he was the only survivor. Corey mourned his friends and began to learn about his new powers. Life started to get back to some resemblance of normality when a break news special interrupted his favorite tv show announcing that Hellblazer was robbing a near by bank. Wanting justice for his friends he got off the couch and met Hellblazer head on.

Although being his first true use of his powers Corked was highly focused and motivated to stop the wild man who was responsible for his friend’s deaths. While defeated and being taken away by Argus agents Hellblazer vowed revenge. Corked left the scene before the talking to the press.

Powers & Abilities

  • Freeze the moisture in the air
  • Increased Dexterity
  • Increased Constitution
  • Ice Blasts
  • Ice Slides
  • Ice Armor
  • Cages of Ice


After stopping Hellblazer Corked went back to his normal life, but often thought about the excitement of using his powers to stop villains. Recently while in Clock Square the villain Playtime attacked families and children with lethal toys and giant robots. Corked couldn’t stand by and watch. He fought along side of The Mantis, Raven-Girl and Centurion. Introducing himself as Siberia. His performance in the battle earned him a probationary membership to the Guardians.


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