The Daily Sun

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Daily sun


The Daily Sun is Grand City’s number one newspaper and was established in 1932.


The paper is run by editor & chief Terrance Brown. The paper’s star report is Victoria Rhodes. Other notable staff includes; Ken Leeds & young photographer Owen James.

Terrance Brown

Terrance brown

Name: Terrance Brown
Origin: Normal Human male
Appearance: African America male in his early fifties, short black hair going grey at the temples
Notes: He is the long time Editor & Chief of The Daily Sun newspaper. He is married to Eleanor, his wife of 25 years.

Victoria “Vicki” Rhoades


Name: Victoria Rhoades
Origin: Normal Human female
Appearance: An attractive female in her late twenties with shoulder length blond hair and possessing the kind of curves that no skirt suit could ever hide.
Notes: Victoria or Vicki to her friends is an intrepid reporter for the Daily Sun newspaper in Grand City. She has dreams of one day winning the Pulitzer Prize. Since being saved by Centurion during his first appearance in Grand City she has taken a focus on investigating super powered crime.

Ken Leeds


Name: Ken Leeds
Origin: Secret Identity
Appearance: Although tall and squared jawed he is anything but remarkable in a cheap suits with dark hair and wearing a heavy pair of glasses.
Notes: He has been a reporter for The Daily Sun for just over a year.

Owen James

Owen james

Name: Owen James
Origin: Normal Human male
Appearance: A young man age 17 with a short mop of auburn hair on his head.
Notes: He is the newest and youngest photographer for The Daily Sun. Owen graduated high school a year ahead of his class and instead of college chose to fallow immediately in the footsteps his he deceased father Henry’s footsteps as a photojournalist. Owen has a pure heart and is considered continually on probation by Chief Brown.

Gallery of the Guardians Archives Cast of Characters General NPC’s Monsters

The Daily Sun

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