The Kraken


Name: Dr. Dorin Kazaku
Origin: Primordial Magic
Appearance: Grey haired older gentleman, mustache and goatee, fond of nice clothes, capes and canes
Notes: Dorin fought the Khal’kru through time and space and conquered it enough to trap it inside of him. He can now call for it’s terrible powers and use them for good. The Kraken joined the Guardians during The Terminus invasion. He can create psychic tentacles to attack his foes.

Dorin Kazaku was born in Romania in 1963. His father was a well known professor of occult studies, and was even involved in keep several very powerful occult items out of the hands of the Nazis. Dorin followed in his fathers foot steps and got a PDH in occult studies and ancient religions. He became very well respected within the occult studies community. About 5 years ago he began to find references to a temple of Khal’kru. Khal’kru was described as a dark, octopoid horror similar to Norse Kraken, but dwelling inside a temple somewhere in a hidden, warm valley in somewhere in the arctic circle. Many believed this temple to be in Alaska, but Dorin had uncovered some very ancient writings that mentioned an area that was now part of Norway. Dorin was able to fund an expedition to look for the temple. The party was caught by a unseasonal blizzard and became lost. Being well prepared, they were able to survive the blizzard. but just as the blizzard clear and they were able figure out their location, they triggered a massive avalanche. Dorin ended up against a rock face and began climbing up. Soon he broke into a small pocket that led to a cave entrance.

He followed the cave back and stepped into a huge cavern. The cavern was lit by phosphorescent lichen and filled with prehistoric tropical plants. In the center was a hot spring and at the far end was an intricately carved temple entrance, the temple of Khal’kru. In the temple he found a jade alter with a black onyx emblem. The circular emblem was a stylized octopus, the symbol of Khal’kru. Kraken logo He reach out and touched the emblem and his body fell to the ground as though he were dead. But he was not dead, his mind battled a small fragment of Khal’kru that the ancient god had left behind. Dorin fought Khal’kru through time and space for what seem like many life times.

He was finally victorious, and he awoke, dazed and confused, it seemed so long ago that he had been here. He made his way down to a village and collapsed. Later he would learn that he had been missing for two months. His recovery was slow, after a few weeks he was able to travel, and moved in with his daughter in Grand City. He began to learn how to use the powers of the god shard trapped inside him. Khal’kru was a thing of pure evil, but Dorin had bent it to his will. He decided that this power must be used for good.

Personality/Motivation: He is overly dramatic and showy. He wants to use the power of Khal’kru for good.


It is time to release the Kraken!

The Kraken

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