The Mantis


The Mantis is new to America and even a newer at being a superhero.


In costume he wears a custom green hooded ninja outfit with twin swords strapped to his back. Out of costume he is a Asian male in his late twenties.

Secret Identity

Lee Chin operates a small Kungfu dojo in the run down Kings Row section of Grand City. He has befriended a group of young teens that he looks out for and does his best to keep them out of trouble.


Lee Chin was taken away from his mother, a powerful psychic in China when only seven years old. This unknown black-hat origination locked the young boy away and experimented on him with powerful drugs to expand his latent psychic abilities. His treatment was cruel and his tongue was cut out to force practice of his telepathic abilities. He and the other children like him were being forged into powerful weapons and assassins. He years he played down his abilities and waited for the right time to escape. In his middle twenties he did escape and fled China on a stolen Hover cycle.

He eventually arrived in Grand City and attempted to start a normal life and remaining low-key to avoid recapture. Using his telekinetic powers to vibrate air waves he can fool most observes that he can talk with out his tongue. He opened a small Kung Fu dojo in Kingsrow.

He has recently taken an interest in a group of teens and former gang members. He teaches them the ways of Kung Fu and how to stay on a true path.

Powers & Abilities

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Flight, while standing on an object that he can lift with his mind.
  • Kung Fu
  • Telekinetic Force Field


A year after living in Grand City and observing The Guardians Lee has decided to step out of the shadows and become a hero, even at the cost of letting his former captors know he is living in Grand City. The Mantis is currently a probationary member of the Guardians.

The Mantis

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