The Pharaoh


Name: Howard Carter III
Origin: Magic
Appearance: larger than life he wars golden armor, and the rest of his clothing is chiefly red and black. He carries a staff and a Khopesh sword.
Notes: When Howard wears a enchanted nemes he becomes the god-like Pharaoh with powers of teleportation, amazing strength and durability. Although Howard was a founding member of the Guardians, The Pharaoh took longer to convince.


Howard Carter III is in his thirties and in good shape. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is, however, unremarkable. If it had not been for his brief moment of fame, no one would remember his face.

Howard Carter III, following in his great grandfather’s footsteps, chose to be an archeologist. It doesn’t pay well, but one get’s to see some interesting places. One of the places Howard Carter III visited was the tomb of an unnamed pharaoh who had, according to legend, mistreated his people and as punishment for his crimes was cursed by Ra to forever watch over the “Cattle of Ra”.

Heavy is the head…

In 2012 a unknown dark figure teleported into the Gallery of the Guardians and assaulted Howard in his sleep so savagely it caused Howard to enter a coma. The magic Nemes was stolen.

The Pharaoh

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