The Spider Entry 24


Not only do I feel terrible lying to Aunt June, I’m also starting to think I’m terrible at lying to Aunt June. I can’t even recall what story I gave her about why I didn’t get home till 4 am Friday morning. Something about falling asleep on the Midtown monorail. Lame I know, but it’s better than the truth…

What’s that Aunt June, why am I getting home so late on a school night? Well my midnight meeting with a murderous super assassin got interrupted by 40 ninjas trying to kill me in the park before taking on the left hand of the Society of Shadows , and I lost my bus fare.

No, she worries enough amount me eating my vegetables I can’t put any more on her shoulders. No the best thing to do is find the time, or make the time to show her I’m not a total lost cause. So look out trash you’re going Mano a mano with The Spider.

Shoot, Ezekiel is summoning everyone to the crash pad I should go…go take care of the trash first. Thanks fridge magnet picture of Aunt June to remind me. Looks like I’ve found another weakness…Guilt Powers.

After arriving at the crash pad I was surprised to see Ultra-Girl in the embarkation chamber studying. Since when does Alex study? Even when she was on house arrest hunted by intergalactic bounty hunters she didn’t open a book that didn’t have the words TV and guide on the cover. If we had fought an egoist in the last few days, I would’ve insisted on using our previously established head-screwed-on-right protocols. But I guess I’m not the only one trying to do better in their non-spandex life.

Things quickly went from odd to scary when Overburn announced the Raven wanted to talk to me alone, well almost alone counting Overburn. I’m pretty sure when OB isn’t insulting one of us, then he is just playing video games in his HUD. The Raven was pleased with our work on the Red Mercury Bomb and I’m glad Raven and I were in agreement against Overburn’s thought of using the technology for clean energy. It’s too dangerous and could literally destroy the world if it ever fell into the wrong hands.

Later I spoke to Shadow Dancer following her solo meeting with The Raven. She seemed pretty shaken up. The Raven told her to make a choice on what side of super beings to land on, villain or hero. I had been telling her the same thing, but hearing it from someone like the Raven has to have a lot more impact. I was sad to hear she was leaving, but I could understand her need for the time to sort things out. I truly hope that’s the case and not because of that bucket head Overburn threatening to kick her out. He is so bull headed, trying to tell me he has never made any mistakes. I tried to impart some of Uncle Roy’s wisdom about never truly learning without making mistakes, but it was lost on him.

I almost got teary eyed when she thanked me for my help and told me I was her best friend. Knowing what kind of life she has had so far I’m honored to have been there and continue to be there for her. Man, I wish I know how to say that to her then.

After the arrival of Dynamo and Jaeger Raven filled us in on the continued dangers of Dr. Alfonsky’s manifesto being unaccounted for and his followers wanting to cleanse the world and start anew. But a more immediate threat to Grand city is the criminal gangs fighting to fill the void left by Whale’s incarceration. Intergang, and a new group called the Street Kings have been going at it in the streets and must be stopped. Also a group has been robbing police impound facilities holding hi-tech weapons and leaving an anarchy symbol behind. Increased patrols of Grand city will be needed until the turf war is over.

The next day Overburn and I were the first to respond to a nasty daylight battle in busy Midtown between what is left of Intergang and the Street Kings. Overburn distracted them while I got the pinned civilians out of the way, but it wasn’t quick enough. These Street Kings were sporting extremely advanced tech capable of re-shaping and re-configuring armaments. I’d guess Nano-tech, but we’ll know more in the next day or so thanks to the arrested member’s tech we took down. The Kings were tough, but no match for us, once Ultra-Girl, Dynamo and Jaeger showed up.

When the dust settled several innocents were injured and one in critical condition, which I’m glad to hear now is in stable condition. Ultra-Girl and I agreed we should have been trying to put an end to gang violence sooner and maybe this could have been avoided.

Back at the Crash Pad Jaeger shared what he glimmed from the Street King’s minds, the Street Kings are PC gamers who may not even be aware they weren’t in a video game. They work for a man calling himself Daemon. This all started making sense. The best guild in New World Order: City Under Siege, is the Street Kings. Somehow these guild members got their hands on some next gen tech and are being used to take out the remnants of Intergang. Using social media, I tracked down one of their hang outs. Jaeger volunteered to stake the place out.

Once I got home I decided I’d try some undercover work and pose as a 16 y/o gamer nerd. I know it’s a real stretch for me. At Tech Heaven, a LAN/Gaming lounge, I battled a regular with a really unfortunate gamer handle of P-Ville, and got the attention of a man called the Daemon. I talked him into giving me an audition in a couple of days. Maybe if I can get into the guild I can find out where they got this tech, how they are tricking the gamers and why if they have this next gen tech do they care about Intergang.

Going undercover, spying on a possible international society of criminals…Oh man, I’m totally a secret agent now. Drake, Derek Drake. Too cool!

The Spider Entry 24

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