The Spider Entry 25

The Spider Entry 25

I know the Raven said it’s a good idea for us to write these journal entries every few days, so we may reflect on our past actions to better act in the future, but I’m just so darn tired. Between chores, patrols, home work and practicing at New World Order: City Under Siege I’m barely getting any sleep. Who would have thought video gaming would feel so much like work.

[Entry the next day] Ok, that was an unusual awkward moment at school today. Not that being awkward at school is unusual for me, but it’s almost worse when I’m in the middle of it. Xander is still hurt and ticked off at Ebony disappearing for several weeks and now that she is back he is just pushing her away. It was pretty cold not to invite her to his private screening of UFC 319. At least she doesn’t need an invite to go to Xander’s Omni Corp charity & March Madness event at Coopers tomorrow since it is open to anyone paying ten bucks to charity. I tried to explain to Ebony why Xander is giving her the cold shoulder and that she needs to give him time to warm back up to her, but she took it all the wrong way using Zach Pope as her date to the event. I don’t need Spider sense to know this will turn out badly.

I feel guilty telling Alex that I couldn’t help her study until after Wednesday, since it’s so great she trying to improve herself, but I’ve got to get better at NWO: CUC for my try out on Wednesday. Apparently Zach worked it out so that the three of us will be studying together. That should be interesting and maybe he finally stop asking me to do his homework for him. I’m worried now that he has super powers he doesn’t care about anything else. He already quit the football team.

[Entry later that night] I’ve got a few minutes to kill while The Rager’s blood samples and unused Rage vials are in the centrifuge. This stuff is certainly Boost 2.0. Each one of those gangers were as strong as Ultra-Girl and while not nearly as resilient, they couldn’t feel pain and their body’s didn’t know when to stop. I’m anxious to see if the Rage formula has traces of Centurion DNA markers like Boost did. Although more powerful, it also appeared to create much higher levels of aggression in the users. Two police officers were killed before we got to the warehouse. I’m glad four of us responded to the call, they nearly wiped the floor with us as it was. Poor Dynamo looked like he was hit by a freight train, well three freight trains to be more accurate. Rage also appears much more dangerous then Boost and not just to cops and Dynamo, but to the user. By the end the fight one of the Ragers had a seizure and needed to be sedated. He could’ve died. The results should be finished in a day.

Jager got into the Ragers heads and learned they were hitting specific targets for specific items. The most recent at that Price warehouse was for industrial shielded power cabling. All the targeted loot going to some big block-headed Meta-human in the Downs calling himself The Professor. In exchange for more Rage injections. Jager is headed down their tonight to have a poke around. Better him then me, even sewer rats take a bath after visiting the Downs, yuck.

[Entry the following day] I don’t know what kind of hornet nest Jager stirred up in the Downs on his investigation, but a group of aesthetically-challenged Meta Humans attacked City Walk during Xander’s big charity event. I guess we all learned the answer to what could be worse than the Grand City Grizzly’s losing to the Moonhaven Knights.

Each of the five of the metas calling themselves The Outcasts where dangerous and lethal in their own right. The one called Salamander spat acid in that poor guys’ face, but it was made all the worse when they turned the event speakers into physic projectors turning the sport fan masses into the most dangerous and darkest side of humanity, pageant moms after a loss. It was getting brutal fast, I thought I saw a guy pull out a trident. Good thing we got the speakers muffled and then turned off before there were too many casualties. At least no police were killed, but that that one officer who squared off against that cankle-saurus called Grosa will need a lot of hot showers and a lot more therapy.

To be honest I still feel kind of bad leading Grosa on like that, without Ultra-Girl none of us were strong enough to free the cop by brute strength. Not to mention we were outnumbered and once Jager and Overburn went down, we needed to get creative. I’m sure karmicaly I’ll get mine; Dynamo was close by enough to hear my confessions of love and even a sonnet I spun for Grosa. I doubt he’ll let me forget it any time soon. I almost feel bad for her companion Freak, even though he tried to kill me. Once she got her hands on him it proved she could literally make love hurt.

With the five of them arrested I still have some big questions that needs answering. Who was psychically projecting through the speakers? Why was Ultra-Girl on a date with Alexander Price? And most important of all…Did the Grizzly’s win the game?

The Spider Entry 25

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