The Spider Entry 28

What a great start of a Saturday, my homework is done, my room is clean and I got a full night’s sleep. It looks like toppling the Street Kings has gone a long way in stopping crime in Grand City. I may even have time to see what Steph and Xander are up to for lunch, I’ve been blowing them off too much recently. [Beep, Beep, Beep], well that didn’t last for long, Ezekiel reports a car chase in midtown with shots fired. Ok maybe not lunch with Steph and Xander, but dinner is still on the table.

Just after literally wrapping up the car chase Ezekiel reports gang violence at central park, here’s hoping there are no nanite morphing desensitized youths trying to level up. Maybe it’s time for board games to make a resurgence. I could go for a little top hat wearing villain with a curly mustache trying to build hotels on the boardwalk. Even if he gets out of jail for free on occasion.

Once at the park I can see it’s not video games rotting young minds, just terrible punk music. A bunch of Mohawk and bicycle chain adorned metal heads with automatic rifles shooting up the place. The cops have set a perimeter to the west, but its only causing them to migrate east towards a concert in the park. A few choice words about ska and their musical preferences sparks a real debate. Well a debate if instead of words you used bullets. This get their attention long enough for the rest of the team to arrive.

We start to make quick work of them, but some serious mad max looking vehicles are tearing through the park on their way to us. The cops look in trouble so I swing off to help. When I return the team is trading blows with some seriously cybernetic punks; Jackhammer, Buzzsaw, Slash, Ripper and Fixer. Dynamo is standing over one of them. They fill me in that the downed female called Slash is a speedster with razors on her costume and has already killed three civilians. The guy with jaws-of-life pinchers for hands didn’t process his emotions in a productive manner and traps Dynamo in his grasp. I swing around and around building momentum and web Ripper at the last second transferring my momentum verses his inertia. I’ll give the assist to Newton on this one, it worked like a charm, Ripper went flying and then falling. But I totally under estimated the amount of grip he had on Dynamo as he went flying, then falling too. A apology e-card should do. At least I thought so until I say the crater the made on impact. On better thought maybe an edible arrangement.

Buzzsaw’s diamond coated blade breaches Overburn’s armor causing him to take to the skies and gets Ultra Girl’s attention. We learned from Buzzsaw’s bragging that they’re in town for something called the Reckoning. Some type of national gang summit, boy imagine the security deposit necessary for that convention center. With most of the civilians out of the way we take them down pretty quick. With Argus prison still surrounded in a force field basically saying no vacancy, Iron Gates will have to hold them for now. The team gets in an argument about them being too dangerous for a normal prison and that their cyber limbs should be removed, and eventually replaced by Price Industries. Jaeger and I state that we can’t just remover their limbs before it may aid them in escaping, it’s not our right to do so. In the end we disable their weapon systems and put them in heavy manacles used on supers 20 years ago before Argus was built. Oh and if they break out then it’s my fault…ugg, is it Monday yet?

Tonight is Xander’s UFC fight night party, standing outside seeing the giant stoplights and a line of people trying to enter the party it’s really on me with I keep falling for the description of “small intimate gathering”. Zach rolls up on “his” bike with Ebony. Just before entering we join up with Alex, Stephanie and Eve who looks amazing. To my surprise the bouncer makes a big show of me being a VIP and letting us in ahead of all the gold pins. I was super embarrassed by the attention, but Eve seemed to like it. Maybe this party wasn’t such a bad idea.

Getting into the elevator with us was Mr. Schaffer, out of the Jaeger clothes and working as private security. It’s like seeing a teacher out of school and working a part time job as a waiter. It’s just awkward for the both of you. Once upstairs it’s an interesting mix, kids from school and their titans of industry parents rub elbows with Xander’s dad. Lex Price is there and greets us, he asks me again about joining Price as an intern, but now that he knows my secret ID all I can do with worry if he’ll let something slip. Fortunately Price is quickly distracted by Ebony and Alex’s fancy dress and where did she get it. Zach is awestruck by Lex Price, like a school girl at an Up-Street Boy’s concert. I can’t wait to see how he reacts when he learns his idol is also Overburn. Oddly enough the conversation moves to my pinning over Eve Adams and advice to make a move.

Later during the party Alex pulls me aside to says she overheard Mr. Samuels, Prof. Ivo and Allister Smythe talking about something called the Genesis Chamber being stolen. Then suddenly Ebony screams and passes out. We take her to Xander’s room. When she comes around she reveals that she felt her Uncle is alive and in great pain. He being held in OmniCorp’s secret facility Ravencroft. Ultra-Girl overhearing this makes a distraction to get Ebony out of there giving me and Zach an excuse to leave. With no time to lose for Ebony’s uncle’s sake I tell Zach that I Derek am in fact The Spider. His head nearly exploded.

Back at the Crashpad Ebony and I fill UG and Dynamo in on our past efforts to reveal that certain key members of OmniCorp are running secret and illegal experiments and selling genetic weapons to criminal organizations. Ravencroft is one of several secret facilities we’ve been trying to find a way to sneak into to find the evidence needed to shut them down. Just then Overburn enters and is pissed to see Shadow Dancer back in the Crashpad. We form a plan to use the G-Foil’s submarine capabilities to stealth up to the Oil Rig turned secret base and rescue Ebony’s dad.

I wonder where they’ll keep us when we’re arrested?

The Spider Entry 28

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