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Xandros & Company

Capt Xandros

Cyborg 1280x1024 595

Name: Captain Xandros
Origin: Genius
Appearance: Fusion of man & machine.
Notes: Capt. Xandros was the leading Cybernetics’ specialist for the US Air Force till he began replacing and enhancing non-injured personnel. After several successful experimentations he began to replace pieces of his own “weak flesh”. Now, he is more machine than human. He believes that he is now his most perfect creation. He has vowed revenge against the military for his dishonorable discharge.

Cyber-X Soldiers

Cyber x soldiers

Name: Cyber-X Soldiers
Origin: Super-Science
Appearance: Wearing head-to-toe black armor
Notes: The Cyborg-X Soldiers of Captain Xandros. They are completely loyal due to the ‘loyalty chip’ which has been embedded within their brains. They also have a kill switch which activates if the agent strongly considers answering a question that the loyalty chip has forbidden.



Name: Geodroids
Origin: Original designs from Price Industries
Appearance: Small spider like machines approx. 1m long, .5m tall & .75m wide
Notes: Geodroids are small robots equipped for surveying remote geographical locations including some of the most difficult terrain on earth. Volcanos, Icecaps, and high-pressure locations like deep under water. While not particularly large, the hydraulic actuators and steel reinforced frame are quite powerful.

Cyberlith Mrk III

Cyberlith mk iii

Name: Cyberlith Mrk III
Origin: Original designs from Price Industries, but heavily modified by Xandros.
Appearance: 16m tall humanoid shaped robot/vehicle.
Notes: Cyberliths are large robots equipped for moving and destroying large heavy obstacles like boulders. They are also equipped with laser and sonic devices for assisting in their day-to-day operations. Xandros changed the design several times, but most often into a vehicle of destruction he pilots. The mark III has an anti-matter disruptor cannon of alien origin.

Gallery of the Guardians Archives Cast of Characters Rogues Gallery Monsters


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