Welcome to Grand City’s Newest Guardians, the worlds next great heroes!

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The Campaign

  • The game is a continuation of a modern day hero campaign called the Grand City Guardians.
  • This era of Grand City finds us in the near future of 2025 and focuses on young heroes, most balancing their crime fighting with their true lives as students at Empire High School.
  • Its a mash-up of Marvel and DC with heavy influences from Young Justice and set in a future where morally grey mega corporations and government organizations vie for dominance and control.
  • It is more Graphic Novel than 4-Color. Not dark but gritty.
  • Gallery of the Guardians Archives

Brief Background

  • In early 2024 the Grand City Guardians, earths greatest defenders, went missing and the world doesn’t know why.
  • In the months that followed their disappearance meta crimes began to rise, re-igniting old fears and prejudices.
  • In July of 2024 an alien race calling themselves The Reach made first contact, starting diplomatic and trade negotiations with world powers.
  • In September 2024 the US government created a new division under the Department of Homeland Security called the Department of Meta-Human Affairs. Amanda Waller, has been named its Director.
  • In December 2024 a peace accord with The Reach had been signed going into effect January 2025.
  • It is now 2025, and new heroes must step up to continue the fight in this time of change.
  • Gallery of the Guardians Archives

New Guardians

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