New Guardians

New Guardians Issue 4
Chaos Reign

Issue Cover: Blackcover with the image of a chaos symbol. The symbol seems like a window with a view of sky raining fire seen through it.
Issue Title: Chaos Reign

Background and Time Line

Grey Matters

Panel opens to a tech lab with CEO of OmniCorp, Reginald Samuels in conversation with Prof Alistair Smythe. Next panel sees them both turn in brief surprise as Mr. Grey steps into view from off panel.

Samuels recovers first and speaks.

Reginald_Samuels.jpg "I originally had my doubts you could pull this off but I’ve heard the news and now here you are.”
Mr._Grey.jpg Smiling as he holds out his hand revealing two flash drives

“Here I am. A few days late for Christmas but I hope you like them”

Reginald_Samuels.jpg Looks at Alistair who takes the drives then says

"Gifts indicate no cost, we’ve paid you a pretty penny for these items.”

Mr._Grey.jpg "A fair sum, but not as much as it could have been, provided you complete your part of the deal. Will weapon be ready for midnight fireworks?”
Both men look at Smythe who seems lost in a dark thought
Alistair_Smythe.png without looking up he says

“It will be ready”

Mr._Grey.jpg “Good, then if all goes to plan our transaction will be concluded. Until next time.”
Samuels and Smythe watch him leave
Alistair_Smythe.png “Why do you think he wants him killed?”
Reginald_Samuels.jpg “Don’t know and don’t care. Just ensure it can’t be traced back.”
Alistair_Smythe.png “Already done. On the chance he was successful I had some nodes setup. By tomorrow night I should have GhostWheel pushed to them. I’ll need a few days to work out the battery.”
Reginald_Samuels.jpg “You have until the 30th. I have an ideal candidate to test it on”

Friendly Invitations

Next panel opens to the outside of a Taoist temple.


Master_Nan-Shi.jpg Next panel shows Michael Lau in monk attire moving through the temple halls. He arrives in one of the meeting halls and sees a group of monks standing around speaking to Master Nan-shi who waves Lau over. As he does so the others stop speaking and merely watch him approach with a mixture of expressions. Master Da-Shi wearing open disapproval.

Master Nan-shi quickly explains that the temple, along with several other religious organizations in the city, have been invited to the welcoming party for the Reach Ambassador. Each organization can only bring 5 delegates and the temple master was inviting Lau to be one of them. A decision that did not seem to be too popular. Now understanding the conversation he walked into, Lau accepted as graciously as possible.

Next panel opens to a slightly messy bedroom of Derek Drake.

Derek is seen face down sleeping in a book. A small TV is on, and behind him the door to his room begins to open.

Grey_Alien_Mask.jpg The next few panels depicts a Grey Alien peaking its head into the room, then a panel of it slowly rising behind the sleeping Derek. A voice finally emits from the alien face.

DRAKE!! You have been selected to be probed in the name of Science”.

A startled Drake jumps back in surprise as laughter erupts from what can now be seen as a fashionably dressed male wearing an alien mask. The individual falls back on bed still laughing and pulling off the mask.

Xander.Samuels.jpg Next couple of panels show an exchange between Derek and one of his best friends Xander. Xander is recently back from his trip with his father to Europe. A trip cut short due to a recent theft at OmniCorp and an upcoming New Years Eve party for the Reach Ambassador. Xander knows his father is going to be networking the entire night and thought Drake would enjoy a chance to meet real aliens. Plus the Adams are supposed to be in attendance. There conversation is interrupted, as Good Morning Grand City comes on with special guest Malcolm Merlynn . They watch the segment at which point Xander adds rules to Dereks attendance. He cant bring up the Spider or Merlynn in front of his father. Drake agrees and Xander leaves.

Next few panels are a three pane split

Time Derek Michael Alex
10:00am Trying to sneak out the house and getting caught Meditating In the bed sleeping, clock in the background
11:00am Cleaned room but aunt June points to attic Training with Master Da-Shi In the bed sleeping, different position, clock in the background
12:00pm Clean attic and aunt June points to trash Cleaning and sweeping dojo In the bed sleeping, different position, clock destroyed in the background
12:30pm Heading out and contacting Ezekiel for a pickup Heading out and contacting Ezekiel for a pickup Drinking OJ from the carton as she watches a recast of Merlynn’s lunch invitation

After the team meets up at the Crashpad, and resolve the invitee / plus 2 issue, they plan to meet Merlynn for lunch despite Tigers concerns.

They get their separately with Ultra-Girl not only being a few minutes early, but arriving with Merlynn’s new book Order from Chaos, the Malcom Merlyn Story.

Lunch was proceeding well when an MTF probe arrived with a record message. They all watch and listen.

“Mr. Merlyn, the MTF has dedicated itself to protecting true humans from meta-human threats wither terrestrial, extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional. We were prepared to forgive you for hosting a party for these potential alien invaders, as our own government seems blind to their threat. However, we found your words on the news cast this morning disturbing and slanderous. Favoring meta freaks like these New Guardians over pure humans like us is insulting and requires an immediate response.”

There is a pause, before the recording proceeds.

“Effective immediately the MTF removes its protection from you and your Meta Loving Organization.”

Another pause but this time the Spiders Danger Sense goes off.

“Lets see how your heroes protect you, when trouble we could have stopped comes knocking”

With that there is flare of red lightening a short distance away as a group calling themselves KaoS Crew teleports in. Fighting ensues with Maul and Ulra-Girl battle quickly hitting the streets.

Scales and Spider seemed to be fighting at ta draw with Iron Tiger and Ultra-Girl getting the better of their partners. it wasn’t long before KaoS Crew had to flee via Priest’s teleport and leaving the defeated Maul to be taken away by Argus agents.

Raven and the Wall

Next Panel shows a facility surrounded by heavily wooded area. Caption reads December 27th, a government facility somewhere in Virginia.


Next panel shows an office with an African American woman sitting at a desk.

Its the Director of Meta-Human Affairs Amanda Waller. She is working at her desk and watching a recording Good Morning Grand City. She pauses apparently sensing something in the room. She causally walks to the bar and pours a drink before speaking.

Amanda_Waller.png Talking over her own shoulder “I shouldn’t be surprised you found this place, but… aren’t you a bit long in the cowl to prowling around.”
The_Raven.png Stepping from the shadows “Well if you kept your dogs on a tighter leash I wouldn’t be here. They are flaunting some serious tech. Terminus and Sky Raiders mostly. Last I heard that gear was locked up tight, yet somehow they found the key.”
Amanda_Waller.png taking a sip from her glass “Not one for small talk I see. Straight to business. hmmm. You know we are on the same side don’t you. We want to protect our nation. Our humanity. It’s not the first time a people have created warriors, needed monsters to protect it’s people. Its lifestyle.”
The_Raven.png “The MTF are becoming drunk with power. Sober them up or shut them down. Or I will… then I’ll be back and we can see how fast your are with that gun."

Waller wips around lightening quick with gun in hand. However the room is already empty.

Open Items and Loose Ends

The next few days finds the heroes following up on loose ends. The Raven has returned and informs them he has “rattled some cages” in regards to the MTF. No confirmation as to who funding them but strong suspicion. The team should continue to be weary of the MTF, and consider hostile until they prove otherwise.

They also debriefed about the recent Boost, Bashers, Bounty and the tech thefts. He confirms the 1million dollar amount is low and meant partially as an insult. Takes note that the Spider also suggest it may be to keep them busy. A thought that more mirrors the Ravens. He agrees that someone seems to be assembling a long range sniper weapon of some sort. The current frustration is to why? What does the Reach welcome party have to do with it. And who is the actual target?

With still no answers the Raven states the team needs to be at that even. If it is just an assassination attempt it needs to be stopped, if its something more it needs to be found out. As the Raven starts to plan how to get them into the event, each team member says they already have an in. He seems impressed but before he can respond Ezekiel announces that 4 robots are creating havoc at a local Great Buy. Patrons are tripped in their vehicles and within the store.

Focus Group

The team is dispatched immediately. Once there and observing from a short distance, they see signs that this is another trap and set to spring it. Moving in from 3 sides, they engaged the new Elite Slayer Bots. The bots wore better armor and had magnetic powers. Also a digitally distorted voice, emitted from which ever bot was nearest the Spider, to taunt him. The persons tone indicated this attack was personal against the wall crawler.

It also became apparent the robots were not the trap, they were the bait to draw in the Spider. The trap arrived every 30 seconds in the form of two self guiding smart rounds indirectly flying at the Spider.

After another minute and with Ezekiel’s help they were able to start a trace of the GhostWheel program and disabled the external cameras to create a blind spot for these long range bullets. The tide turned and all the robots were destroyed. The Raven came in over the come with the farthest address of the GhostWheel route the bullets took . Its 5 miles away from the Great Buy. Once they got to that address they were updated again to a call from OmniCorp security to the Grand City police. OmniCops were reporting that they have found the possible tech thieves which are in an unused OmniCorp facility. Conveniently enough this location just a few blocks away.

The arrived there and the OmniCops tried to say that the situation was now under control. The Heroes decided not to take their word for it and burst through a wall. Inside was a high tech lab containing Slayer bots in various stages of build. A number of high tech components are neatly organized through the facility and a lift has been extend up to the skylight. A twin turret device on top of it with the tips of the barrels sticking out through an open window pane. Two lab techs are the only criminals captured by the OmniCops. One mortally shot when the OmniCops entered the facility, and the other keeping quiet.

In addition to the 10 man OmniCop detail, Reginald Samuels and Alistair Smythe are in attendance. He has words with Ultra-Girl and the Spider as she destroys the Specter Sniper Turret and the partially constructed Slayer Bots. Finally he and Smythe leave, Smythe silent but apparently upset about something.

After Speaking to the police the team heads back to the Crashpad. Spider is not convinced the true villain was caught. The exchange of words during the fight with the digitally altered voice was very personal and hate field. Unless the voice belonged to the deceased tech, the other did not seem to have a personal beef against the Spider. Iron Tiger suggest they use the thing called The Internet. He recently learn you can find out almost anything from it. At first Ultra-Girl and The Spider exchange a look, then realized it was not a bad idea.

Leveraging Ezekiel to speed the search they came up with a list of articles where Samuels blames the spider for the Fenris fiasco and the major stock hit in Q4. The “smoking guns” were from two articles about Smythe loosing his father as collateral damage during the Fenris, Spider fight. Smythe also blamed the Spider and as the head of OmniCorp applied sciences certainly has the skills to build the Slayers and the Sniper Turret.

One of the articles was from a rag magazine with a picture of Smythe at his fathers funeral and called The Spider Killed my Father!!!. The second, from the Grand City Tribune, was more objective and titled CHAOS REIGNS at OmniCorp.

New Guardians Issue 3
Hunters Mark

Issue Cover: A nighttime city with a stylize skull and cross-hairs
Issue Title: Hunters Mark

Background and Time Line

Panel opens on view of a monitor. On the screen is a news cast of the Bashers Arrest and cleanup efforts.

Jillian Peaks Channel 10 News reports;
That was the scene yesterday in the old harbor district where the notorious gang leaders and metahuman criminals known as the Bashers were defeated and captured by a group of heroes some are now calling the New Guardians. This is the third such group sighting in the past week. So while the Spider has been active in Kings Row for a few months, it does now appear that he and his amazing friends are working together to keep Grand City safe.”

Monitor changes to the familiar silhouette of Monitor 4 of the Light meeting room. Next panel shows the room in its entirety and with Mr. Grey again standing in the middle of the room.


L2 – female, a bit annoyed “And what of the Bashers? This Boost line was showing real promise. Not to mention they represent a significant prior investment that we wanted to recoup. The blood used in their creation was destroyed in their… spawning.”
Mr. Grey – “The Hero’s were thorough and destroyed all but a handful of the new product. There may be some of the beta still on the streets but neither can be used in reproduction. Which leads me to another problem. Their defeat of Tiny Tom has had an unwanted side effect. The extraction interface was fried and Tom is currently in a coma. (in a lower tone) They also ruined my favorite suit”.
L3 – slight eerier tone “mmm…with that much electricity, the priming agent pumped into his system is almost certainly inert. It truly would be starting from scratch once more, and there is no telling without testing if his blood still holds the qualities need. After all his sisters did not.”
L2 – “Speaking of, what news of her?”
Mr. Grey – “The loss of the mental bond they shared has made her quite… agitated. She thinks her brother is dead. Even halo’ed they are keeping her sedated”
L6 – forceful male “Nevermind the girl, with the event so close what are our options that would not show our own hand!”
L5 – happy and childlike voice “yes.. yes.. how do we bring some much needed chaos to the party? hehehe”
Silence… a sense of a tension in the air
L4 – “Erase your concerns, there are still options before us. Perhaps new opportunities as well. (Pause). Most heroes follow bread crumbs blindly to wherever they lead and tend to foul plans by luck. This appears to be the case here. So far all indicators point to their teaming by circumstance. Although skillful they are not yet a unit. Still, they have interfered too many times recently to be ignored. They must either be used, or disposed off. Agreed?”
L1 – Agreed
L2 – Agreed
L3 – Agreed
L5 – Agreed
L6 – Agreed
L7 – Agreed
L4 – “Good. For the Event we will make preparations for plan B for now, but I may have a thought of something better. Spokesman.”
Mr. Grey – ”Yes Sir”
L4 – “Keep tabs on the sister Bash, she still may prove useful and… easily motivated. As to our heroes, here is what you’ll need to do…”

The_Raven.png Next Panel shows the Heroes in the Embarkation Chamber of the Crashpad. Debriefing with the Raven.

MTF_Full_Force.png MTF

  • The team encountered the MTF and stopped them from continuing to brutalize a pair of meta bank robbers.
  • The tech they used was versatile and impressive.
  • The Raven seemed concerned by this but had them continue.

Boost.jpg Boost

  • They discuss the fact Boost had blood platelets that were an 18% match to Centurion’s and that it was being manufactured from Tiny Tom.
  • They had stabilized the formula and were rolling it out.

Bashers.jpg Bashers

  • Among their effects was number of chemical agents, several with OmniCorp ID lables
  • Flyers to the Reach New Years Eve party along with hotel blueprints and security details.

    Mr._Grey.jpg Mr. Grey

  • The mysterious guy from the Museum event was there and referred to himself as Mr. Grey.
  • He seemed to be employing the Bashers and possibly the brains behind the Boost.
  • He hinted out another task the Basher were to preform
  • He hinted that he was representing others
  • He has a grey rift based teleportation power and escaped capture

    After the discussion the Raven told the team he wanted to do more digging into the MTF as they are clearly a growing threat. Said the team did good and should go home. “After all its almost Christmas” Looking at the time the young heroes realized it was just after 11pm on Christmas Eve and quickly departed for respective homes.

Christmas day shows the youths about very different days.

The_Spider_Suit.jpg The Spider
Next panels show Derek trying to sneak out Christmas morning to find a gift for Aunt June. A news cast of a breach at OminiCorp Applied Sciences division on the TV in the background. Aunt June stops him to give him his gift before going back to baking her famous Christmas Cookies.
The gift is a re-banded watch that belong to his uncle. Derek is caught off guard by the importance of the gift and his guilt increase for not making the time to get her anything. Next few panels are of him going store after store (all closed) trying to find anything. He decides the Crashpad might have something suitable and heads to a Node for teleport.

Iron_Tiger.jpg Iron Tiger
We find Lau training with Master Da-Shi. The older martial artist does not seem to be taking easy on the youth tossing him around. Training is interrupted by the head of the temple, Master Na-Shi.

Master Na-Shi is concerned that Iron Tigers purely traditional values may inhibit him from following his true path. That he should endeavor to learn more of this city and its people he has begun to protect.

Following his Masters words Lau reaches out to Ultra-Girl but she turns down his invitation to hangout stating she has too man y gifts to open. He instead goes back to meditation.

real_life_x_23_by_the_red_jack03-d3f9ehj.jpg Ultra-Girl
Alex wakes later Christmas morning to a quiet cold home. She enters her foster mothers room to see her still in bed. Booze bottles on the nightstand. She moves into the room and pulls the covers up around her foster mother and whispers “Merry Christmas”.

Next panel shows her sneaking into a theater with Lanie and Marcie. They are sitting and the back row and Lanie is texting her “man” BeBo (a local thug) during the movie and being generally obnoxious to other audience members. She does show Alex “Something Cool”. She shares her text messages from BeBo with Alex where he mentions word on the street is there is a 1 million dollar bounty on the New Guardians.

After the movie Marcie and Laine have to go home to their parents, and right after that Ultra-Girl gets a call from Iron Tiger who wants to hang-out. Embarrassed that she actually does not have any real plans for Christmas she quickly gives an excuse that she will be spending all day opening gifts. The conversation ends soon after.


At the Crashpad The Spider, with Ezekiel in tow is looking throw various items to try to find a gift. Through questioning it game up that the CrashPad has an aquatic bay. The Spider convinces Ezekiel to show him. Once there the Spider is amazed and shows his youthful side with an excited, and slightly goofy dance.

Society of Shadow

The Raven had set a number secondary security measures at what he decide were high value target tech companies. One of these had just been triggered at Western Technologies or WestTech as it was more recently re-branded to. The Raven was still dark on his MTF hunt so Ezekiel calls in the team to investigate.

Shadow_Dragon.png Onsite they encounter members of the Society of Shadows and its agents. Cheshire and one of the agent leaders seemed to recognize something about Iron Tiger, referring to him as “The Tiger”. Cheshire also says “the bounty on your lifes is too low for me to kill, I will merely need to leave broken and bleeding”.

This is the first time The Spider and Iron Tiger are hearing there is a bounty on their head. Ultra-Girl just nods and smiles thinking its cool.

Cheshire and Stone Ox along with several SoS agents battle the heroes while Bronze Monkey was ordered to complete the mission. Bronze Monkey, who seem seemed to be a Fan of the Spider and preferring to be called Brass Monkey, left annoyed and speaking in hip hop terms in spite of his strong Asian accent.

In the end Monkey completed his mission and the heroes were left rescuing civilians as the SoS set bombs to cover their escape. In the process two security guards were killed when a grappled Stone Ox intentionally kicked a mercury switch bomb, setting it off. He was taken to Argus personally by Ultra-Girl after she and Spider added in a few more licks on the downed assassin.

The next day the team still felt the emotional effects of having lives lost during the battle with the SoS at WestTech. Only Iron Tiger headed into the Crashpad as the others dealt with the unfortunate incident in their own ways. Once there, the monk trained martial artist worked with Ezekiel to learn “the internet” and to also review some of the tech that was stolen recently. He also crossed referenced some of the data collected by the Raven on tech thefts over the last 9 months.

OmniCorp – Dec 24th
After review he finds that sample hardware and specs were stolen the P-381 Tempest Assault Rifle and Smart Rounds were stolen. The rounds can be remote controlled with the LCD display on the Tempest rifle. The P-381 Smart Round, also called whistlers, had a flaw. It only held enough power for the guidance system for about a 30 seconds with a wireless range of only a quarter mile. OmniCorp has been unable to solve the power problem.

WestTech – Dec 25th
They created a new powerful piece of spy software called GhostWheel. The program can high-jack the video and GPS feed of any source and push it back to a center node or server.

Working with Ezekiel they theorized that put together this could be the makings of the perfect assassins weapon. Creating bullets that could travel around corners and even chase targets. The part that was missing was appropriate power.

As if on queue a Raven alert was sent from another high value target. Q-Labs. Quick research suggest they have just created a clean energy power-cell. One that can take a charge from impacts. Initial use cases where to play in coastal areas or high foot traffic areas so that it could turn the crashing of waves or the passing of vesicle/pedestrian traffic to power local device and buildings.

Feeling a potential a connection they go to call the team but just before Ezekiel says the silent alarm has been tripped and authorizes are also starting to mobilize.

It was noted the the MO was not the same in these to thefts but the toxin used at WestTech was used on some of the thefts earlier in the year.


The Team meets up at Q-Labs and Ultra-Girl uses her “Amazon Intuition” to get a feel for the place. Her intuition tells her the location of the hostages and that the criminals seem to be waiting around for something. The team discussed the clear sign of a trap being set and and after much debated decided to work there way down the building.

OriontheHunter.jpg Once they engaged the 21 armed gunmen, they heard more talk about the bounty that these hunters were eager to collect. As the fight started two of the gunmen stood out. On as their leader, and another as something else. The latter individual soon revealed himself after taking a sniper shot on Ultra-Girl, which sent her flying back through the elevator shaft. Presumably out of the fight. This sharp shooter called himself Orion the Hunter, and he had used these criminals as bait to lure out the Spider. He didn’t care about money or the thugs, just wanted Spiders Mask on his wall.

There was some confusion and for a few moments there was a free for all with Orion, the gunmen and the New Guardians.
OmniCorp_Drone.jpg But that changed once the Orion’s reinforcements arrived. Two large mechs. Orion hinted that some REALLY did not like the Spider but the Mechs seemed focused on keeping others out of the fight.

With these new arrivals the gunmen fled the seen, with Iron Tiger picking them off as they ran away. Ultra-Girl took on the Mechs, with one destroying itself when it tried to ram her. The other was not lasting much longer. This left the Spider fighting one on one with Orion, with this Hunter pulling out all the tricks. Including his flying platform on which he tried to escape.

Through the air the two fought until the Spider sent spiked webbing through the craft causing the pair to fall to the ground. With great skill both rolled with the landing popping to their feet.

During this time Ultra-Girl had the attention of Malcolm Merlyn, and the hostages. She lead them safely from the building where the authorities and the media were waiting. After only a few moments of grateful citizen (and photos) she leaped backing into the fight.

The three hero’s finally corralled Orion and after a few exchanges, took him down.

Alone in the lobby they took a moment. Not only did they knowingly walk into a trap, they defeated the hunters with no causalities. Plus to their knowledge the power-cell technology was safe. After WestTech, this felt good. They felt good and aloud themselves to enjoy the moment.

Iron Tiger wanting to avoid the spot light headed back to the Crashpad, agreeing to prepare celebratory cups of hot chocolate. Spider and Ultra-Girl signaled authorities and met the press. When asked about the rumored bounty on the heads for the New Guardians, together they said defiantly “ITS NOT ENOUGH!!”

Shortly after they took their leave.

Final panels

The team being served hot chocolate by Iron Tiger and bounding over a job well done.

New Guardians Issue 2
The Return of Centurion?

Issue Cover: A wall with a fist through it.
Issue Title: The Return of Centurion?

Background and Time Line

Panel opens to day time view of a school. Caption reads
Empire Senior High School, Highcrest District, Grand City – December 22, 2024


Next panels shows an Asian student meeting with Dr. Emma Queen, the stern looking school principal. As part of the admittance process, and being a full tuition student, she presents Michael Lau with his “commemorative” gold school pin. The pin is also chipped and servers as an electronic ID. He is instructed to “wear it proudly”. Which he does not.

Next few panels introduce Michael’s “Host” Sheldon Bac. Sheldon, a short geeky kid with thick classes and hardshell backpack, will be acting as tour guide today for the new student. Michael notices Sheldon has some greyish substance stuck to his hands that he keeps scratching at.

As they move through the school Sheldon points out the “Bad Girls”, one of which looks very familiar to Michael for some reason. They also interact with other students. Stephanie Adams, Quincy Silver, Troy Davies and Derek Drake.

Sheldon gives Derek a flyer to an up coming OminiCorp sponsored science symposium with an open panel and Keynotes by Professor Alistair Smythe and Professor Anthony Ivo. Derek however shows more interest and concern over the goo on Sheldon’s hands. Sheldon proudly explains that he has been collecting web samples of The Spider for weeks and thanks to some OmniCorp chemicals he got from his cousin, he was able to break it down into a liquid form. He proudly exclaimed he used it to coat his hard shell backpack.

The bell rings to start class before Derek could get more details about the chemicals.

The rest of the day continued as normal with a small difference. Sheldon, slightly embolden by his new “friend” Michael, decided to eat lunch in the quad. A mistake that would change his life forever. As TD and some of the other football players stopped him and forced raw turtle soup in his mouth.

When Michael and others intervened, Derek got a sudden and horrible feeling something very bad was going to happen. As he was set to create a distraction he saw Sheldon use a Boost inhaler. Unlike the others Derek had seen, this one glowed slightly. Having an idea of what was about to happen he pulled the fire alarm and disappeared in a empty room.

Shellback.png There was a tense moment while Michael interpose for Sheldon until a scream brought all eyes back to the turtle soaked geek. It was then all saw the traumatic transformation of this short little nerd, into the 8’ tall creature the media now refers to as Shellback.

Both crowd and creature were stunned for a moment before Shellback recovered enough to remember his rage and begin directing it at Troy. Fortunately The Spider was on the scene and quickly grab the beast attention. With people being to flee both Iron Tiger and then Ultra Girl where also able to make appearances. Once again the heroes taking on a threat as a team.

The fight did not last long and Shellback regained enough control of himself to try and get away. An attempt stopped short by a kick from Iron Tiger

The three hung around just long enough for authorities to get close and then once again went their separate ways.

Eventually they all met back up at The Crash Pad, although Ultra Girl was nearly an hour late. She was struggling with whether or not to show up at all. A fact that got no sympathy from The Raven, who sent the young heroes through a number of seemingly no win scenario’s in the danger room. Followed by grueling agility, endurance and strength test. He seemed to have an idea of everyones physical limits and pushed each young hero to them. They were half way through endurance test when he was called away.

Testing done the heroes were chatting about their scores, and the fact that Ultra-Girl could lift a Tank!! When The Spider’s watch goes off with a police alert of a Code 808. The code for a Meta-Human Disturbance near a bank downtown.

Teleporting there they see the bank robbers, a simian based meta and rock based meta, being taken down by the Meta-Human Task Force. Both robbers try to surrender but are simply lit up again by the MTF and their eight chambered Variable Assault Rifles.

The Spider wants to intervene but Iron Tiger says not to. That the criminals are getting what they deserve. Another barrage of fire to the other criminal who was trying to surrender ends the conversation and Spider leaps in between one of the downed crooks and the MTF. Iron Tiger scoffs and climbs to the roof.

Ultra-Girl hangs back as she has a slight criminal record but rushing in as talking stops and the MTF, after shooting out street cameras, open fire on the Spider. Seeing that the MTF’s weaponry was quite impressive, Iron Tiger leaps into the fray.

Eventually the Heroes defeat the MTF who seem to be mostly offensive in nature. Ultra Girl also captured a MTF surveillance and showed it to the Spider. Eventually she released it as it self destructed.

Fight over the heroes called it a night and went to their homes.

The following day The Spider is eager to see his test results of the blood samples and boost sample he started the previous day. But not before Derek paid a visit to Mrs. Bac. and gained entry to Sheldon’s basement lab. He learned that the OminiCorp representatives, followed by the police had been there yesterday. Also that the Argus transport was attacked and Sheldon got away. In the basement, hidden behind self made poster of the Spider was a hidden panel. Inside Derek found two more luminescent Boost viles, as well as a hand full of assorted chemicals with OmniCorp labels.

Once in the lab of the Crash Pad, his discovery was so profound he had to call the team in.
The boost Sheldon had at home was clearly a new batch. Slightly less powerful but much more stable. The Boost Sheldon took was based on this new batch but it seem it was contaminated by a mild mutagen. Either by accident or tinkering, what turned him into Shellback was itself a unique concoction.

That aside was not the truly big news. In both Boost and the Super Boost there were identifiable traces of platelets with unusual properties. The computers were able to find an 18% Match Found for the blood type but when they try and open the details it will say Access Denied. After speaking with Ezekiel, who opened the file they find out that there are trace amounts blood that are an 18% match of founding Guardian member Centurion. That some how Boost was being made in part from his blood, blood similar to his.

This news was big, but surprisingly the Amazon Princess Ultra-Girl seemed more upset then excited.

Iron Tiger had already been beating the streets, and learn that there was a big shipment of Boost coming in to night and Tiny, a local gang leader was in charge of distribution. He didn’t know where to go to get more details but the Spider did. Kings Row.

The three set back out and after pound the streets they got an address for Tiny. An abandoned hazmat staging facility at the old harbor.

It was well guarded but after taking out the guys on the roof, and arguing over how to proceed, they finally decided to simply drop in on the thugs, introduce themselves and give the gangers a chance to surrender. A plan Iron Tiger thought was stupid, but went along with.

The gangers didnt fire right a way as their leader Tiny, who was anything but, stepped out of the foremans office upstairs to greet the guest. He was not alone. The man in the grey suit from the Gallery Museum attack was there with him.

Mr._Grey.jpg He introduced himself as Mr. Grey and then said to Tiny ;
“My superiors have provided you with a means of wealth and building an army. Do not fail to deliver on your part of the deal. Now take care of this nuisance so we can get back to work”.

With that Tiny ordered his men to attack.confident they would crush the intruders. However that was not the case. One be one the gangsters dropped and Tiny saw that the heroes were proving quite capable. He was even hard quietly speaking to himself hoping his sister would arrive soon.

Tina_May_Bash.png Like a prayer answered she did just that, drping through the broken skylight. At that point the identity of both Tiny and his sister became known. Tiny Tom Bash and his sister Tina-May Bash. Together referred to as The Bashers , a powerful albeit under achieving, criminal duo.

Ultra-Girl initially squared off with Tina-May, Tiny Tom had eyes for Iron Tiger, putting his hand through a reinforced wall in his first swing. The Spider was left to handle the two remaining Super Boosted thugs, who did not seem to suffer from the same rage or endurance problems of the Jackle’s they faced only a few days ago.

The fighting seemed to be pretty one sided with the heroes getting the better of The Bashers. Ultra-Girl had grabbed Tiny-May after hitting her a few times putting her on the ropes. Tiny-Tom tried to help but got webbed for a moment, thanks to the Spider, while en-route to his sisters aid.

Eventually Tina-May went down and Mr Grey teleported away once got in the Spiders web. This left only the incredibly tough and upset Tiny-Tom, who after catching his breath seemed fresh as a daisy to face the heroes.

Showing amazing teamwork and skill, The Spider pulled high voltage line from the wall just as Iron Tiger drew Tiny’s attention. The Martial artist used Tiny’s own attack to help him get clear of the water the big guy was standing in. Tiny turned to swing on Ultra-Girl who had already causally walked backward beyond the waters edge. A moment of confusion was all he had time for before the Spider dropped the line in the water.

Vast amounts of electricity arched through the muscular menace as he attempted to step out of the water. Massive muscles tightening as he grimaced in pain until it was finally too much for even his body to handle. With a thud he fell to the ground. The power line shorting out a moment later leaving only the smell of burnt hair and wires.

The fight was over and the battle won.

New Guardians Issue 1
Dawn of a New Age


Issue Cover: Space view with earth to the right and the Original Guardians to the left. The Guardians are reaching out to the Earth in the fashion of God reaching out to Adam.
Issue Title: Dawn of a New Age

Background and Time Line

Panel opens to night time city view. Caption reads
Moonhaven – November 2024


Next panel opens to an underground base. The iconic symbol of the Raven embossed in the floor


A lone figure sits in a high backed chair in front of several monitors. Multiple news cast are on from around the world. A few headline snippets can be “heard” emanating from them.

  • Monitor 02: Another in a series of large scale high tech theft…
  • Monitor 03: Still we see meta-violence on the rise in…
  • Monitor 04: The Wizard of Wall Street, Malcom Merlynn acquires Q-Labs in…
  • Monitor 07: The Middle East continues to destabilize due to…
  • Monitor 08: Breaking News!! The Reach Ambassador..

With a few quick keystrokes the news cast on Monitor 08 moves to the primary display.

The scene is the Reach Ambassador shaking hands with the Secretary of State in the White House press room.
The voice over reads;

It was an exciting day in Washington as a provisional trade agreement and peace treaty was signed giving the Reach permission to build an embassy on US soil. The agreement goes into effect Jan 1st and will surely herald a new age for mankind.

The Raven slams his hand on the console and stands. After a moment he hits a few keys and a display pops up. A moment later a voice is heard. Its digital signature seen on the screen.

sound_wave.jpg – “I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me.”
The_Raven.png – “What, were your feelings hurt?!”
sound_wave.jpg – “Sir, you know that’s not possible.”
The_Raven.png – “Nor do I care… It’s time.”
sound_wave.jpg – (after a short pause) “I see sir. I’ll finish preparations. When can I expect them.”
The_Raven.png – “Soon”.

Raven disconnects the comm then heavily falls back into his seat.

“All too soon…”

Panel opens to day time city view. Caption reads
Grand City – Early December 2024

Grand city.river

Next few panels show a montage of new heroes in Grand City.

Intro Ultra-Girl Intro Overburn Intro The Spider Intro Iron Tiger
real_life_x_23_by_the_red_jack03-d3f9ehj.jpg Overburn.jpg Spider.single.jpg Iron_Tiger.jpg

With each solo hero receiving an invitation to the VIP only pre-opening of the Guardian Museum (formerly the Gallery of the Guardians) they arrive separately to the event.


The cocktail hour is being held in the courtyard outside the main doors and they are minutes away from opening them to this private VIP audience. A slightly inebriated young heir, Alexander Price, takes the podium to say a few worlds to the press and sponsors. He is interrupted by a few Jackal gang members high and empowered by Boost.

The heroes are there in plain close and independently get into costume and respond to the threat, while young Price seeks safety inside the museum after narrowly being missed by a thrown table.

During the fight Ultra-Girl and The Spider are the first to acknowledge each other as not enemies and try to work together. Iron Tiger holds off 4 Boost powered gangers until one lands a lucky punch and sending him flying. Overburn rockets into the fray and immediately gains media attention. When asked if this was his team and if they were the New Guardians, he let the attractive female reporter believe that to be true.

Although NOT a team, they defeated that gangers and each took their leave in different directions. Some were half-way home when they were transported to an underground facility.



After a few unsure moments the large titanium doors opened and a single figure entered the room introducing himself as Ezekiel and explained he was the one that teleported them to this facility under Grand Bay Peak. Also that They were standing in the Embarkation Room of the Guardians omega site. Pre-operational designation… The Crash Pad.


When they start asking why they were brought here, another figure steps out of the shadows. Apparently in the room with them the whole time. It was the Raven. A renowned hero and believed to be the worlds greatest detective. The Raven was clearly disappointed in a couple the “guest”, but stated his intent.

That he had been watching them all for some time and he was giving them a chance to make a real difference. With the absence of the worlds greats heroes, evil was clawing out of the shadows and starting to spread. That new meta’s were being discovered at an alarming rate. And the arrival of the The Reach seems all too… convenient.

The world doesn’t know it yet but it needs help. It needs a new team of heroes. It needs New Guardians!

The Spider, and Iron Tiger jumped at the chance. Feeling that this was indeed their calling. The two the Raven was least happy with were less receptive but for different reasons. The Spider was able to convince Ultra-Girl to stay and Overburn accepted as he stated “they would be lost without my leadership.”


With that there was a tour of the facility which ended at the Danger Room and the “team’s” first danger room session. A session which Overburn expertly navigated, often leaving his team far behind to struggle. In the end, The Spider and Ultra Girl made it to the end as well, but when the Spider went back to help Iron Tiger, he and the martial artist became trapped. At the end of the session, Ultra-Girl cold cocked Overburn for leaving them behind, and the two fought until Ezekiel and The Raven showed.

With tension high Overburn is the first to leave, followed by The Spider and then Ultra-Girl. All teleported to location of their choosing. Only Iron Tiger stays behind to re-run through the Gauntlet danger room session again.

In the communications center The Raven sits heavily in a chair, viewing Iron Tigers Danger Room session. Ezekiel enters.

EZ.jpg – “Sir. I could not help notice you seemed unusually… surly… with the recruits."

– "I take it you are not pleased.”

The_Raven.png – “What! Did Price program you to be a shrink as well as a nursemaid!”
EZ.jpg – (long pause) “No sir, he programed me to count. It seems not all answered your call.”

– (another long pause) “Will these be enough for what is to come? Will they be ready?”

The_Raven.png – (with a sigh of a man more tired than words can relate)

– “They will have to be.”

Final panels show the grey pants and black shoes of a man walking down a hallway.

Next Panel show the inside of a dark room and the silhouette of a single door. Footfalls can still be “heard” approaching.


Next panel shows the door opening and a male figure entering the room. As he does large monitors above turn on. Seven in total.

Once they have all turned on their illumination reveals the face of the lone man. He was one of the VIP’s at the Guardians Museum Attack. Hansom African-American male in a grey suit, wearing horn rimmed classes.

A voice from the middle monitor is heard.


Monitor 04 – (calm male tone) “The Light has Come. Spokesmen please report”
Spokesmen - "I’m sure you have all seen the news. While, true several… heroes… appeared it did not seem as they knew each other nor did they work well together.
Monitor 06 – (forceful male tone) "Yet they foiled the destruction of the Gallery!

– It should be in rubble now!!

Monitor 02 – (calm female tone) “Still a curious group that gathered. The insect had inadvertently caused us a set back prior, one that wears the mantle of the tin can, a tiger prowling the streets…”
Monitor 03 – (erie male tone) “And the Girl! Lets not forget the Girl! So pretty, so exotic”
Monitor 06 – (forceful male tone) "Pathetic, your appetite for the flesh continue to show your weakness!
Monitor 04 – (calm male tone) "Brothers! Sisters. Let chaos reign elsewhere, for here we should always have order.

– In the void a team was bound to rise… eventually. This is not unexpected but it is Too Late. Together we have already achieved much, and the final Undertaking is nearly within… Reach.

– Spokesmen, continue as planned but monitor these… heroes. Lets see what they do.

Spokesmen – “We Serve The Light”
Monitor 01

Monitor 02

Monitor 03

Monitor 04

Monitor 05

Monitor 06

Monitor 07

– “We Serve The Light!!”

Monitor go out, panel goes dark.

End Issue #1

The Chameleon
Session 12


A long panel shows Raven Girl running, the view is down an alley between two buildings. A scene of a building, close-up, followed by another view down an alley and Raven Girl still running.
The next panel shows Raven Girl at the end of an alley looking toward the frame, a smile on her lips.

The building on the left has, in big letters across the top of the building “Grand City Archives”. The front door is cracked open slightly.

The next frame shows the door closed and through a darkened window the circular light of a flash light shining on a far wall can be seen.

Scene 2. ON PATROL

Centurian, Afterburn, and Lady Azure are flying through the night sky. Centurion is explaining something to Afterburn.

Let talking ensue.

While flying over the city, near the river, the sound of an explosion is heard, followed rapidly by a second explosion. Neither sounded extremely powerful, but it was definitely an explosion none-the-less.

Upon reaching the site of the explosion the heroes see:

“The railway’s bridge over the river is missing. There is smoke rising from either end of the bridge. There are three persons at the river.”

As you get close, you see the three better:

One is a large green humanoid. He is approximately 10 feet tall holding a large wooden club.
The second is a mutant, dog-faced, with an alligator’s tail, and a lobster claw for his right hand.

The third is a bug-eyed, shaved-headed man hunched over with oversized hands and feet.


Raven Girl is in the shadows (above or around the corner) watching six mutants going through paperwork. They seem to have a purpose and are using some kind of device to capture data.

Let fighting ensue.

18 seconds after the fight starts, the sound of a passenger train can be heard hurtling toward the river.

The villains will flee.


Over all communicators this message is heard: “Strange creatures have been sighted in Grand City’s Central Park. Reports of violent actions are beginning to come in.”

There are several strange beings in the center of the park. Several women and children appear to be held against their will or too frightened to run away. There are a few men laying in the park, unconscious or dead.


“Mr. Price, your assistant, Ms. Sinclair has prepared your documents and submitted them to the council. We were just asking her if you’d be available to host the Holiday Parade. What do you think? You are, after all, one of our biggest sponsors.”


“Mr. Leads, how long have you been working for us?”

The chief asks Mr. Leads to get the scoop during the parade.

“That’s great, Mr. Leads. Also, if you can get a picture of the Guardians when they arrive I’d like to put them on the front page.”


“In other news, the mayor has asked the Guardians to attend the Holiday Parade to honor them for the great help they have been during the city’s needs.”


It is late in the evening and Raven Girl is perched high in the city as usual, listening for tell-tail signs of trouble. She notices, however, a figure wearing all black walking among the shadows of the city. While his features are hidden from view, Raven Girl does not fail to notice the cat-like grace with which the man moves through the city. It appears that Ronin is back in town…


Ronin tells Raven Girl where the Chameleon will strike next.


“You should welcome us to your town” a morbidly obese, green skinned woman says loudly to those who have gathered to watch the scene unfolding before them. “Invite us over for tea, you know?” She takes a deep breath, seemingly tired from her recent energy expenditure. “We would not want to feel like ‘Outcasts’ among you!”.

Let fighting ensue…

Institute for Geological Exploration
Session 11

Scene 1. WAR ROOM

Centurian is sitting alone in the War Room, seemingly in deep thought.

“Sir, a silent alarm has been triggered at the Institute of Geological Study. It appears as though the signal was specifically routed to this location instead of the campus security for the institute. Should I disregard this message?”

“I should mention, there is some additional data, noise on the signal, sir. I have displayed the data on the screen to your left.”


Crouched in the shadows in a security room is Raven Girl. The soft green glow of a computer terminal highlights her profile in the strip. She switches off the terminal screen and looks around the room. There are two guards laying on the floor, they look to be unconscious. She steps lightly around their forms and silently leaves the security office.


Seen around the corner of a large box from above, five men are moving around below. Three seem to be working on computer terminals, the soft green glow of a computer terminal only slightly giving enough light to make out their masculine features. Something on their faces reflect some of the green glow from the terminals.

The other two men are moving quickly from shadow to shadow seemingly searching for or placing something into the shadows. While they are moving quickly, with purpose, there does not seem to be any urgency to their movements.


In a large hanger of obvious military origin stands a group of highly decorated officers all looking at another highly decorated officer. There is no text bubble for this scene, but the singled out officer looks angry.
The next panel shows the officer, now dressed in a blue jumpsuit in manacles. The name stenciled across his back is: Xandros. He looks anything but repentant.

The next panel shows him mopping a floor and there is a computer set up at a desk in the corner. A wicked smile is played across his face.


It is late in the evening and the campus is mostly dark when you arrive at the building. There is one main entrance and a loading dock at the back of the building.

The interior of this building is filled with mechanical devices, crates, and husks of geological surveying robotic equipment. Along each wall are robotic arms and what looks to be prototypal geological equipment for testing new designs. All along the wall are large rocks of various material ranging from granite to obsidian. In the center of the warehouse are several computer terminals and stacks of crates.

There are five men in the room. They are dressed in military-looking uniforms without rank or branch affiliation. Each of the men have mechanical devices with flashing lights connected to their heads over their left ear and metallic left arms. Each also is carrying a sidearm.
When you enter the room one of the five flips a switch on the terminal he is standing at and the lights turn on and the mechanical arms around the room whir to life.

Another of the men reaches over to his mechanical left arm and presses a button. At that moment, many of the crates around the room begin to shudder and break apart.
Fighting ensues.

Scene 6. CLEAN-UP

When the dust settles, sirens can be heard in the distance, getting closer.

Searching the computers will indicate that a program was uploaded to the central machine. A copy can be made.

The uniforms the agents were wearing are definitely military in nature, but do not denote any rank or other affiliation.

The night guards from the security room are well, just unconscious. They seem to have been hit by a high current electrical signal which rendered them unconscious and caused them to lose some short-term memory of about one hour.


The program is quite sophisticated. The key to the data encryption turned out to be “Xandros”. After the file was unencrypted, determining its purpose was simple. The new software had four modes which could be activated (this includes remote activation):

1. Return to location
2. Go to a location
3. Attack Mode
4. Defend Mode

Gabriel Price was once invited to the military installation, Avalon to assist a Captain Xandros with some high powered processor chipsets. The design was what would be considered “top-of-the-line” and highly experimental technology. However, based on the captain’s knowledge, Mr. Price felt that perhaps the military had more knowledge than they were willing to share about this cutting-edge technology.

The name “Xandros”, along with the reference to “Avalon Military Base” will bring up an article making mention of a highly decorated science officer of the Air Force, but most of the article is classified. The non-classified section states that Captain Xandros was assigned to a special project at the military installation on the island. The end of the article states that he was remanded to an un-named military prison.

The Military base, Avalon, on the Island deemed a military no-fly zone some years ago and was made off-limits to civilians at the same time.


About two weeks ago Raven Girl noticed some strange radio signals being broadcasted and returned from several sites throughout the U. S. The signals moved from one location to another. The latest location was the Institute of Technology here in Grand City. She went to investigate and found that there were several men messing around with some of the equipment. It didn’t take too long to remotely hack into the terminals to find that they were uploading what looked to be a virus to the mainframe. It also looked like they had modified several of the pieces of equipment in the warehouse.

The two security guards were down hard and seemed to be deeply unconscious. In the event that the men were able to do the same thing to Raven Girl if she interfered with their nocturnal activities she modified the silent alarm and activated the signal.

After tonight’s encounter, either the frequency has changed or it has ceased to be broadcast.

Scene 9. AVALON

Once the PCs get in touch with the Commanding Officer of the Avalon Air Force Base, Colonel Irons, they are given this information:

About ten years ago, Captain Xandros was stationed to the cybernetic research department here on Avalon. We invited Mr. Price to our base about six years ago when we ran into a little trouble with our processor chips. In short, Captain Xandros was tasked with assisting military personnel with recovery and mitigation of wounds taken in combat. His specialty was prosthetic limbs. He was given a contract, partially funded by taxpayer money to develop replacement limbs and technological replacements for damages to our soldiers sustained during fights.

Unfortunately, two years ago it was discovered that he had gone ‘above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty’ and had begun to experiment on undamaged personnel, hoping to enhance their physical prowess by replacing what he called ‘weak flesh’ with mechanical implants.

Because of his crimes against military personnel and his expenditure of unallocated funds he was remanded to a high-security military prison. Six months ago he broke out of the prison and we have been searching for him ever since. At the time of his break-out, several other inmates and guards also disappeared. If the guards departed with him, he had at least thirty men help him escape. Also, just after his escape, a platoon of highly skilled army personnel went AWOL. At this time it has been classified as a coincidence, but personally I found it to be highly suspicious.

I would be happy to show you his lab and experiments, but just after he was arrested, his lab self-destructed, killing three lab technicians.

The whole situation is intolerable. Xandros is probably the most knowledgeable man on the planet in regards to bio-machinery and cybernetic implants. I am afraid that without his willingness to share his knowledge the damage to his lab and research has set back our ability to help physically challenged soldiers, or anyone else ten years.


Just as Colonel Irons finishes speaking a general alarm sounds. “That’s not good” he says. Then with a nod of apology he rushes off shouting commands to his underlings.

Fighting ensues.


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