High school sports hero turned Superhero


Zachary Pope is a 17 year old high school football phenom who made a sports name for himself as a all-state star in New York during his sophomore year.





Shortly after arriving to Grand City and attending Empire High Zach attended a party thrown by Xander Samuels at the closed OmniCorp Heavy Ion Collider. During the party Zach got into a beef with fellow student and bully “Jojo” and the two decided to settle it by racing motorcycles for pinks. While using the dismantled particular collider as their track the collider was activated by a unknown source of concentrated protons. Even after seeing the signs of something wrong Zach refused to chicken out and end the race first. Jojo was not so brave and quickly got out. Empire high student Derek Drake present in the control room was forced to seal the tunnel and flood it with Argon-Triagulant gas to prevent exposing all of the party goers with dangerous levels of radiation. Zach sealed in was exposed to the gas, then radiation and a single pulse of the heavy ion collider charge before the system blew up from lack of components and proper maintenance.

A unconscious Zach was pulled from the collider by classmate Alex Flynn and taken to OmniCorp for medical attention. He was miraculously unarmed and released the next morning. On the way home he was attacked by gangers on the street super-drug Rage. During this encounter his new super abilities were discovered quickly followed by being attacked by New Guardian member Overburn.

Zack would encounter New Guardians on two more occasions and named Dynamo by The Spider before being asked to join the team on a probationary period.


The Dynamo is able to absorb all forms of known energy and store it for a short time in his cellular structure. This build up energy grants him regenerative abilities and can be released in a unclassified pure energy form capable of tremendous damage.

Family Connections

Zach is cousin to the geeky and socially awkward Providence Pope. He currently lives with Providence and her mother in Grand City.


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