Heir to the Empire




Alexander was raised by his mother, Diane Swan, in the United Kingdom. Being the son of a successful board directer at the prestigious Price Industries, was not without it’s perks. Whether by influence of his mother or simply because it was in his blood, Lex was destined for Cambridge from the first time he picked up a screwdriver. Excelling in the fields of Engineering and Avionics, he was offered the best education one could hope for though the use of Price Industries “Thinkers and Tinkers of Tomorrow” Grant. It was not until his mother lay on her death bed that the boy’s true patronage was revealed to him. During a fact finding mission to his UK headquarters, it was none other than the great Victor Price himself that had fathered Alexander. He secretly had an an extra marital affair with Diane Swan. Soon after this revaluation was brought to light, Lex began to pursue his would-be fortune and claim the birthright he considered stolen from him through the lies and deceit of the Price Family. Shortly after his quest began, the Price empire was launched into turmoil with the disappearance, and eventually assumed death, of it’s great benefactor, Gabriel Price. Now, beyond contestation, Alexander Price was named the one true heir to the Price fortune and he came home to Grand City to claim it.
Still a rebellious youth at heart, it was jarring for Lex to finally have the vindication of his linage, and an insurmountable fortune at his disposal. He began to squander these gifts that had been bestowed upon him. Playing it fast an loose with flashy purchases and flashier woman, Alexander made quite a spectacle of himself in the Grand City Lime Light. Acquiring more and more assets in the Price fortune became less about proving his worth to himself and more about winning. It was almost a game to see how quickly he could plunder a new business, home or account when it was discovered in some hidden portfolio. It was at the peek of the wasteful spree that Alexander stumbled upon the greatest treasure of all, and he didn’t even know what he was looking for. A luxurious home by any normal standards, the “Travelers Estate” as it was listed in the records, was not a mansion that the Price Family had ever made very public. More of a refuge from the glitz and glamor, these grounds were a well kept secret, and the proverbial unicorn that Alexander simply couldn’t catch. Purchased under shell corporations and false identities, it was quite some time before Lex finally made landfall on this prized and secret jewel in the collection of Price assets.
After the endless hunting through paper trails and the subsequent battle in the courts Alexander found himself in the glorious estate for the first time. It was in the master bedroom that he stumbled upon a secret message from his long lost brother to him. Gabriel told Alexander the truth of his true ancestry, and how the mantel of the Price family was no longer simply a crown of riches in the world market. Now it was a responsibility to those people it had long profited from. Now it was a mission to uphold justice. Now it was the honor of being a Guardian. Alexander donned the mantel of the Power Armor his brother had provided and took flight for the first time.

Will he follow in the footsteps of his brother and be the hero that Grand City needs?
…or will he squander this as he does so many other gifts he’s received?

Only time will tell.


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