New Guardians 2025


ColdHearted… or Coldhearted Killers as Interpol calls them, were first seen two years ago during the civil unrest in Egypt. This group is believed to have ties to the nations current ruler, Queen Neferti. However these claims are currently unsubstantiated and denied by the government.



Name: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Appearance: 6’2" with athletic build. Blue, black and crimson suit of high grade military body armor. Armed to the teeth, WetWork was a member of a merc group called Deathsquad up until 5 years ago when they suffered their final defeated by the Original Guardians. Afterwards Wetwork went solo for a while doing jobs all over the world. It has only been a couple of years that he has appeared leading this new group and already they are on Inter-pols top 10 list.



Name: Sergei Tanov
Origin: Mutant
Appearance: 7’ with muscular build. Has red hair on head and face. Normally his red hair also covers the rest of his body in a thin coat, until Killer Frost mention he looked better with smooth skin. Now he spends time shaving his body before seeing her. A bit dim witted, Segei is furiously loyal to WetWork, and has a desperate crush on Killer Frost.

Killer Frost


Name: Unknown
Origin: Mutant (child of Permafrost)
Appearance: 5’6", attractive with athletic build. With powers on she has blue skin and ice for hair. Slightly psychotic, and full on sociopath, she loves inflicting pain and is known to be a casual killer. she is aware of Mammoth’s crush on her and plays with his emotions constantly. A fact the brute is still a bit too dim to realize. KF is only loyal to her Brother.



Name: Unknown
Origin: Mutant (child of Permafrost)
Appearance: 5’6",athletic build with a too cool for school style. Younger brother to Killer Frost. With powers on he has blue skin and frozen hair. The quiet intellectual, Frostbyte is a hacker of some infamy. Although quite capable in a fight, Frostbyte prefers to leave the physicality to the others.

Team Vehicle


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