Crimson Cabal

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List of the followers, mercenaries and true believers of the Crimson Cabal cause.

General Kerstov Dragonov

General dragonov

Name: General Kerstov Dragonov
Origin: Normal Human
Appearance: Weathered face, grey short cut hair. Appears to be in his late sixes.
Notes: A former soviet union General who refused to accept defeat at the end of the cold war. After being seriously wounded from Centurion’s eye beam blast he accepted emergency Red Radiation treatment from Sickle and become Red Death.



Name: Major Volynski
Origin: Red Radiation Circlet
Appearance: Changes between red and white colors and red & grey. The cape is always red and cut into sharp strips. Wears a thin red circlet.
Notes: Sickle commands the power of red radiation. He is able to surround himself in a aura of radiation harmful to anyone who touches him. He can fly and shot bolts of radiated energy.



Name: Yefim Worden
Origin: Mutation
Appearance: While in Hammer form he his 8-foot tall a mass of living stone. While in normal form he is a thin 5’5" tall Caucasian male with light brown hair and blue eyes.
Notes: Yefim has the innate ability to encase himself in living stone granting him great strength and near invulnerability, unless the stone around him is chiseled away.

Red Wing

Red wing

Name: Makar Golovkin
Origin: Super-Science
Appearance: Red and white skin-tight suit with red wings attached between wrist and ankle. Out of costume he has blond hair and very androgynous features.
Notes: Makar was given his powers by a radiation treatment powered by Sickle. Red Wing can fly at speeds over 3,000 mph with extreme precision leaving a streak of red energy behind. He can fire red beams of radiation. The wings of his suit are razor sharp and can cut steel in half while flying past.

Iron Kurtain


Name: Anton Kurtainov
Origin: Power-armor
Appearance: Out of the suit Anton is a very fit male in his early forties, with light brown hair and brown eyes. The suit is in a red and white paint scheme.
Notes: Anton is the pilot of a very advanced power-armored suit originally designed to repair the Mir station without the need to send a shuttle. The suit was stolen by the Cabal and Anton was recruited to be its pilot.



Name: Boris Oborski
Origin: Former Olympic weight lifter and solider
Appearance: 6’ 3" with a body builder’s physique, his brown hair is always in a flat top.
Notes: Boris was a national hero during the cold war after winning several gold metals, but after the war thawed the country fell into despair and so did he. Blaming the US for the decline of his beloved country it joined the Crimson Cabal.


Natasha zsibrita

Name: Natasha Zsibrita
Origin: Skilled Human
Appearance: She is a gorgeous red head with crimson lips and green eyes. She favors’ tight outfits.
Notes: Natasha was a former soviet gold medal target shooter and bronze medalist gymnast turned spy. After the collapse of the KGB she was recruited by the Crimson Cabal.



Name: Georgy Andropov aka: Kill Gather Burn
Origin: Normal Human
Appearance: He is always wearing a protective gas mask and flame retardant over coat. Under the mask and coat his body is scarred with burns covering 50% of his body.
Notes: He once was a twisted KGB agent and their top cleaner, but was terribly burned while setting fire to a corpse pile. His vocal cords where damaged beyond repair causing him to become mute. He was then recruited to the Cabal. He favors a set of twin flame throwing pistols and pack.

Crimson Cabal Soldiers

Cabal soldier

Name: Soldiers & Mercenaries
Origin: ex-Soldiers & Mercenaries
Appearance: Every soldier is equipped with stolen Price Industries personal battle armor and energy carbines.
Notes: The majority of the ranks are true believers to the Crimson Cabal’s ideals and willing to give their lives to the cause.

Crimson Cabal Spec Ops soldiers

Special ops soldiers

Name: Spec Ops soldiers
Origin: Ex-Spetsnaz soldiers
Appearance: Each elite soldier is equipped with stolen head to toe advanced Price Industries personal battle armor and energy cannons.
Notes: Only the top Ex-Spetsnaz soldiers have been recruited and will faithfully follow General Dragonov anyone and into any danger, he needs only to give the order.

Медведь MRK III

At43con2 06

Name: Медведь MRK III
Origin: Vehicle
Appearance: A walking tank.
Notes: Медведь means bear in Russian and any hero or armor that has fought against will concede its name is appropriate. It is operated by a single pilot and boasts four different deadly weapons systems. One of these mark III units shot down and seriously injured Gabriel Price in Grand City in issue #3.

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Crimson Cabal

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