Ebony Williams


Recent transfer student from Lagardia High, the New York high school for the performing arts. She moved here to live with her aunt Linda. Smart and beautiful she is still a new face on campus but has becomes close friends with Xander Samuels and Derek Drake.


Attractive and athletic looking African-american female.


Smart, witty and friendly Ebony has the demeanor most girls want to hate.

Empire High

Ebony is a Junior at Empire High.

Background / Family

Ebony’s parents died when she was very young so she doesn’t really remember them. She was raised by her fathers brother Terrance Williams, an accomplished and published quantum physicist and his wife Linda. He passed when she was 8 in an explosion in Arizona. She moved abroad with a relative for many years and spent time in Paris and recently New York modeling and dancing. She seems to have put those things aside to be close to family, moving to Grand City to live with her Aunt Linda.

Ebony Williams

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