Empire High School

New Guardians 2025


Empire High was a fairly prestigious private school that, due to some redistricting and some “miss-appropriation” of funds 3 years ago has been force to release its fully private charter. Because of that scandal the now semi private school is forced to admit a certain percentage of public students in addition to those registered through their private charter. It must also submit to annual audits by the state school board.

Still, Empire High is one of the best funded and equipped schools in Grand City but has created a bit of a divided in the faculty and student body. While most of the faculty found the change refreshing, happy for fresh faces and in some cases hungrier minds. Others, including the Principal Emma Queen, feel these students of the State Education and Regulated Funded charter are beneath Empire Highs true standards. Same too, many of the students of wealthy families that have paid top tuition look down upon the SERF’s.


Emma_Queen.png Name: Dr. Emma Queen aka “The Queen”

Notes: Principal of Empire High which she considers her domain. Has little patience for the SERF students or the State Education Board. However understands they both are necessary… for now.


Hilary_Adams.jpg Name: Professor Hilary Adams

Note: Socially oblivious, with no awareness of pop culture and a no nonsense demeanor. Mostly serious and pragmatic but smiles when a student shows scientific promises and sometimes lets slip hints of character when regaling old stories. Teaches Life Sciences.

Appearance: Statuesque at 5’10 and athletic for one in her 40’s. Stern faced but her rare smile hints at what a beauty she could be. Blond with only a hint of grey. Blueish grey eyes.

Mrs_Johnson.jpg Name: Mrs. Cheryl Johnson

Notes: First year Teaching at Empire High but already a student favorite. Warm smile, and protective demeanor. Originally from London England she teaches English-Literature. She has the best student attendance of all teachers.


Mr._Charles_Gordon.jpg Name: Mr Gordon

Note: Slightly out of shape and rambles on about this glory days. Teaches PhysEd, and is the football coach.


Mr_Harkman.jpg Name: Mr. Ron Harkman aka “The Colonel”

Notes: A by the book retired Colonel. Often stating the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment all the while instilling his students with a sense of pride, teamwork, and self-discipline. Teaches PysEd, Runs the JROTC and Coaches track and field.


Mr_Perez.jpeg Name: Juan Perez

Note: He is a local boy done-good. He was raised in a low income family in grand city and achieved a scholar ship to MIT. After getting his masters he chose to return to Grand City as a teacher instead of taking a high dollar engineering job. He was pleased when Empire High went semi-private allowing the less privileged a chance at a top level education. Teaches calculus & algebra including advance placement classes.


Mr_Reynolds.jpg Name: Mr. Gary Reynolds

Note: Eccentric Science teacher. Runs the model rocket building competition at the annual Science Fair. His model rocket says “Botin or Bust”. When asked, he’ll joke with students that he’s from the planet Botin. Teaches Astronomy and Physics.


Ms_Spears.png Name: Ms Spears

Note: Stern and no nonsense during practices and classes the only thing that makes her smile is winning. Something she is good at. Spears was a child actress/singer/dancer of some fame until her late teens. It is believed her royalties still let her live happily and she only teaches because she wants to. Teaches gym, and coaches tennis, track/field and cheerleaders .

Appearance: 5’8" Attractive women in her 40’s. Fit and agile.

Mr_Tate.jpg Name: Mr. Benjamin Tate

Note: Another student favorite. World traveler during the off season; always has these “crazy” stories about his trips. Makes students think and come up with their own answers to where they stand on issues. Teaches Social Studies / Government

Appearance: Mid thirties Caucasian with tan skin and ruggedly handsome.

Mr._Stantley.png Name: Mr. George Stanley

Note: Janitor at Empire High for as long as anyone can remember. He often hangs out in the boiler room and keeps his janitor’s closet locked tightly, leading students to speculate many things about him – everything from him being a retired mob enforcer to an active serial killer. Even the faculty steers clear of him but if anyone was to ever get pass that creepy stare, they would discover a simple man who takes pride in his work keeping the building clean.

Appearance: Weather face with salt-than-pepper beard and intense green eyes.

Mr_Thira.jpeg Name: Mr. Edward Thira II

Note: Thira is a tenured teacher with over 20 years experience as an educator. 12 of those years spent at Empire High. He is an avid “yes-man” to Principle Queen. He believes most students are a lost cause and hardly worth his time, even more so now that public students are admitted. As a side note, his father Ed Thira senior was in advertising and created the iconic character Wally Nutz.

Appearance: Short squat man in his fifties with a thick pair of glasses he is always cleaning.

Mrs._Wellington.png Name: Mrs. Mary Wellington

Note: The one everyone dreads that they will get. She is a really hard instructor and will intentionally assign homework on the very first day of class and over long holiday weekends. She often volunteers to supervise Detention Hall. Even on her best days, she always seems to be mildly upset about one thing or another and it doesn’t take much to set her off into full raging anger.

Appearance: Red hair turning grey with freckle’s. Her skin is sickly pale and small flecks of spittle fly from her lips when she shouts. She has the habit of smacking her ruler against things to create a surprising loud noise.

NOIMAGE.jpg Name: Ms Pratt

Note: Intro to Algebra. Stern but fair. Only teaches on semester a year causing students to speculate what she does with all her time away.

Appearance: 50s with sliver/grey hair. Tan skin and bright blue eyes.

Cool Kids

NOIMAGE.jpg Danny Stevens Stomper, football player
Eve_Adams_2.jpg Eve Adams Cheerleader Cpt, daughter of Dr. Adams
NOIMAGE.jpg Gil Young Moose, football player
NOIMAGE.jpg Krystal Klear KK, Cheerleader
NOIMAGE.jpg Troy Davies TD, popular kid, quarterback, king of the school
NOIMAGE.jpg Quincy Silver “Q”, wide receiver, track team, well liked
NOIMAGE.jpg Yanara Jimenez Cheerleader

Student Body

real_life_x_23_by_the_red_jack03-d3f9ehj.jpg Alexandra Flynn Lexi, petite brunette, “Bad Girl”
Derek.Drake.jpg Derek Drake low profile student, science nerd
Lainie_Park.jpg Elaine Park Lainie, leader of the “Bad Girls”
Becca_Tress.jpg Becca Tress Tough girl member of the “Bad Girls”
NOIMAGE.jpg Ivan Klasgov Crazy Ivan, foreign exchange student, friend of Stan the Man
Marcie_Carter.jpg Marcie Carter “Bad Girl” follower and Alex’s best friend
Michael Lau half Chinese foreign exchange student
NOIMAGE.jpg Peter Lute Pete, average student
NOIMAGE.jpg Stanley Greenberg Stan the man, class clown
Xander.Samuels.jpg Xander Samuels Recently returned stateside, Xander has quickly made a name for himself but throwing the EPIC winter break party. The same party that has made The Spider popular icon in school. Although outside any clique Xander is still considered a prince of the school even though he hangs out with Derek Drake.
Stephanie_Adams.jpg Stephanie Adams Pretty, sweet and a bit quiet, Eve’s younger sister, daughter of Dr. Adams
G.McGlovin.jpg Gerald McGlovin Skinny caucasian kid that is a king of the geeks. Known to have “the hook-up” for anything you want. Gold Pin but uncool. Tolerated but the Royals due to his ability to acquire things. McGlovin has a marketing eye an always keen on what is trending. He is currently selling The Spider apparel (buttons, t-shirts and tank-tops). Catch Phrase: “Whatever you need… McGlovin Got It!!”
P.Pope02.jpg Providence Pope Slightly plump caucasian girl with auburn hair. Cute, non athletic, slightly awkward and bookish. She loves books, especially fantasy based and always has her nose in one. Often picked on she spends most of her free periods in the school library. Although an avid reader she struggles in school as she is always daydreaming in class.
Ebony_Williams.jpg Ebony Williams Attractive and athletic looking African-american female. Recent transfer student from Lagardia High, the New York high school for the performing arts. She moved her to live with her aunt. Smart and beautiful she is still a new face on campus but has becomes close friends with Xander Samuels.

New Guardians 2025

Empire High School

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