Gallery of the Guardians


Gallery of the Guardians

The Gallery of the Guardians was constructed in secret by Price Industries within the confines of Grand City’s national park. Following its construction it was personally handed over to the heroes of Grand City after stopping The Crimson Cabal from destroying the city.

It was on that day that Arclight, Centurion, Lady Azure, The Pharaoh and Soul Dragon officially pledged a fellowship to become a superhero team known as The Guardians.

Property owner
Howard carter iii

The actual deed to the property was signed over to Howard Carter III, an old college friend of Gabriel Price and most recent host of The Pharaoh.


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The building’s entrance is kept locked at all times. Voice recognition is operated through Ezekiel and required before being granted access to enter. Ezekiel is an Artificial Intelligence created by Gabieral Price and given to the Guardians. In addition to running the day to day operations of the Gallery, Ezekiel or Ez as nicknamed, continuously monitors all local and federal police channels along with military communications. Ez alerts the appropriate Guardian when assistance from the Guardians is asked for or needed.

The Lobby

Innovation headquarters lin

The lobby’s impressive size and natural light is perfectly paired with living trees to give the feeling of a natural park. One of the elements of décor in the lobby seen when first entering is that of a vase encased in glass with a yellow rose arrangement in the shape of a “V”. A small bronze plaque reads, “Never Forgotten”.

Science Lab

Science lab

The science lab houses all conventional equipment and materials required to meet the standards of a class IV laboratory.

Fabrication Lab

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The fabrication lab houses all conventional equipment and materials required to construct from the smallest of micro processor to the primary components of advanced vehicles and robotics.

Vault Room

Vault image2

The state of the art vault room boasts a 2.5 foot thick tempered titanium door accessible only by an encoded hardwired electrical lock. The walls, ceiling and floor are made of six foot thick reinforced concrete with motion sensors, ensuring no attempt at a break in will go unnoticed.

War Room

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The war room is the primary meeting location for Guardian team members to monitor communications, receive mission briefings and made strategic decisions.

VR Training Room

Voy holodeck

This room allows the Guardians a safe location within the base to fully exercise their powers and abilities without concern to harming the structure. Ezekiel has tailored over 300 different training scenarios best suited for the Guardians to hone their skills. The most notorious being a program called The Gauntlet.

Defense Systems

Laser cannon a

Throughout the base and extending to a 300 meter perimeter are hidden energy cannons. The defense weapons are equipped with motion sensors and can be directly control from the War room and by Ezekiel. The cannons are set to non-lethal force. Protocols require at least two Guardians’ voice authorizations to change the status to lethal force.

Gallery of the Guardians

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