Key loc


The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Physical Appearance

7-foot tall grey skinned humanoid with long white hair braided with keys. He wears only a loin cloth and some scraps of cloths. His belt contains keys of all sizes and wields a large energy rifle.




Key’loc always gets his man, woman or creature. He is a skilled fighter with tremendous reflexes and durability. His Key-tech allows him to have the right tool for taking down any prey.

He most recently fulfilled a 24 Fire Stone bounty on Ultra Girl for Xonerax after three other teams failed.

Powers & Abilities

•Super-Dexterity & reflexes
•Super-Endurance and Durability
•Teleportation technology & key gadgets
•Master Key Rifle, which has the ability to change energy forms
•Enhanced vision, hearing and sense of smell
•A keen tactical mind

Key loc

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