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Argus Prison

Argus is a super maximum prison located one quarter mile off the coast of Grand City. It can be reached either by the single bridge connecting the island fortress to the main land, or by helicopter. The name Argus comes from Greek mythology. According to legend Argus was a guard dog with 100 eyes.

Government Oversight

The prison was built in 2012 initiated by deceased billionaire and philanthropist Gabriel Price, owner of Price Industries. The prison was specifically designed to house meta-humans criminals who could not be contained in any other prison. Argus was governed solely by the Argus Rehabilitation Confinement, or ARC Department for short. However, with recent creation of the Department of Meta-Human Affairs they now roll up into that branch of the government.

Hugo_Strange.jpg The current warden is Hugo Strange who replaced Amanda Waller years ago. Professor Strange was the resident psychiatrist at Argus, as well as Amanda Waller’s apparent second-in-command during her brief tenor as Warden.

Notable Inmates

General Population

Name Classification
Ballistics Mercenary/Assassin
Miguel Salvatore (aka El Toro) Career Criminal
Kristin Altice (aka Volt) Career Criminal
Johnny Wendigo (aka Wendigo) Serial Killer/Sociopath
Orion the Hunter Mercenary
Basil Carlyle (aka TerrorFirma) Sociopath

Solitary Confinement

Madus Capalli (aka MadCap) Pyscopath
Dr. Armand Psykes (aka Dr. Psyko) Pyscopath
Dr. Fenton Iris (aka Dr. Denris) Pyscopath

Hot Sleep

The Chameleon Xandros Permafrost

Current Escapees


Affiliation Name Classification
Natures Wrath Eva Moore, aka Tempest Eco Terrorist
Natures Wrath Rebecca McQueen, aka Torrent Eco Terrorist
Natures Wrath Sandra Baker, aka Quicksand Eco Terrorist
Natures Wrath Zelda Kazanni, aka Azalea Eco Terrorist
The Bashers Tina May Career Criminal
The Bashers Tiny Tom Career Criminal
The Crazy 8’s Bedlam Mercenary / Terrorist
The Crazy 8’s Blitz Mercenary / Terrorist
The Crazy 8’s Bonkers Mercenary / Terrorist


Name Classification
Joy Altice, aka Joy Ride Career Criminal
Komodo Career Criminal
Maul Sociopath
Parasite Career Criminal
SpeedDemon Career Criminal
Stone Ox Career Criminal


6 Former Sky Raiders Mercenary / Terrorist
5 Former Crimson Cabal Spec Ops Mercenary / Terrorist
10 Members of Intergang Career Criminal

New Argus

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