Queen Neferti


The current, albeit disputed, sovereign of modern Egypt Queen Neferti has a devoted majority of religious followers who believe she is the god touched reincarnation of the ancient queen of Egypt. Queen Nefertiti.

Neferti, appeared 5 years ago and slowly gained religious followers for displays of divine power and her ability to cure the sick and infirm. A year later her followers began to push for a regime change claiming the gods have sent her to return Egypt to a golden age and its rightful glory.

By the end of that year giant opaque force field domes covered the capital city of Cairo, as well as Suez and Giza. These domes completely cut the cities off from the outside world for 30 days with only the queens army being able to move in and out of the cities.

At the end of the 30days the domes dropped. The cities showing signs of battle, but with repairs well on the way. Then in an International broadcast, followed by a formal visit to the UN, the Prime Minister of Egypt stepped down proclaiming Egypt was returning to a Matriarchy and that Nererti has been recognized as their queen.

In the few years of her reign she has played nice with the UN allowing inspects nearly unlimited access. She has decreased the poverty level by 30% and increased overall education by 15%. Education for women by 20%. Still, many still resist her rule and her neighbors grow increasingly uncomfortable with what they believe is just a METAHUMAN ruler.

Map of Egypt

Queen Neferti

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