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The Reavers are a team of galactic mercenaries and bounty hunters lead by Raze. Their ship is the Razor’s Edge.



Name: Raze
Origin: Alien + Cybernetics
Appearance: 6-foot tall humanoid with olive tone skin, pointy ears and half of his face, torso and left arm have been replaced with cybernetics.
Notes: Raze is the leader of the Reavers, but not by being the most powerful of the crews, but by being the most mean. He is a skilled swordsmen. Although primary driven by greed, he does care for his crew.
Current Status: Active



Name: Galaxta
Origin: Alien + Cybernetics
Appearance: Athletic blue skinned female with cybernetic implants and a completely replaced left arm.
Notes: Galaxta is the first mate of the Reavers. She is cold, calculating and cunning. Skilled in martial arts and with blasters. She has served with Raze the longest and has a secret crush on him. She would kill anyone or thing for Raze and cares little about the other crew members.
Current Status: Active



Name: Hex
Origin: Alien species known as the Huvong
Appearance: Like all of the Huvong she is a tall humanoid with six arms. She is further defined by her white hair and one and a half of her six arms is a cybernetic replacement. She carries six swords.
Notes: She was selective to be a member of the Reavers because of her fighting skills and lack of any morale compass. Hex is one of the more deadly members of the crew and she doe not understand why Raze puts up with some of the more softhearted crew members.
Current Status: Active



Name: Fletcha
Origin: Alien
Appearance: She is a winged member of the alien species Avinians. She has thick leathery skin and wears and white one-piece of clothing.
Notes: She is a member of the Reavers and girl friend to fellow member Cy. She is a skilled filler with a near unmatched grace in the air. She was an aerial entertainer on Rygor IV before being brutalized and left for dead by a patron. She was found by Raze and give a chance to never be a victim again.
Current Status: Active



Name: Cy
Origin: Alien
Appearance: Orange skinned humanoid with a single eye.
Notes: He is a member of the Reavers and boyfriend to fellow member Fletcha. Cy is a good natured being with super human strength, durability and the power of flight. He often disagrees with unnecessary violence, but stays for Fletcha.
Current Status: Active



Name: Roarstarr
Origin: Alien
Appearance: Large humanoid with short grey fur and a grey lion’s mane of hair.
Notes: He is a member of the Reavers. Before becoming a bounty hunter he was the 9 Circuit Champion. He has super human strength, durability and is an expert brawler and wrestler. He must always prove he is the best.
Current Status: Active



Name: Nihla
Origin: Alien Martial Artist
Appearance: A young slim green alien female with twin antenna & wearing red gloves.
Notes: She is one of only two masters of the lost martial art Tet-Su. Nihla has never been defeated in single combat. Despite her incredible power she remains a very pleasant teenage girl. She is one of the newest members of the Reavers. She wears a pair of gloves that allow her to touch Slug with out harm.
Current Status: Active



Name: Slug
Origin: Alien
Appearance: Orange/red loosely formed humanoid mass of spongy goo
Notes: He is a member of the Reavers and the only one of his species to ever leave it’s home world of Kiburk. Like all of his species he can not talk, but communicates through body language. His skin secretes a toxic glue like substance. He typically moves around on a flying disc.
Current Status: Active

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