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El Toro


Name: Miguel Salvatore
Origin: Magic
Appearance: 9-foot tall man with corse drk. brown mane of hair and twin bull horns.
Notes: Miguel was a former Mexican gang member before meeting an old gypsy woman who promised him true power in exchange from helping her out. This power came with a price and changed him into the monster he is today.
Current Status: Active



Name: Kristin Altice
Origin: Science Accident
Appearance: Attractive young woman with short hair in a blue costume with a lightning bolt. Skin is blue w/ force field on.
Notes: Kristin was a troubled youth who was kidnapped and experimented on and gained the unique ability to generate amazing amounts of electricity at will. She is often partnered with another super criminal, one dumb enough for her to manipulate.
Current Status: Active

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Name: add
Origin: Normal Human
Appearance: add
Notes: add.
Current Status: add

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