A once peaceful trans-dimensional explorer turned mad-god bend on retribution.


He is the last surviving member of his near immortal and peaceful species known as the Xengarians.


Xonerax speaks over seven thousands languages and those he doesn’t know fluently his Xonobots translate for him.


His people where near immortals that lived for thousands of years. A peaceful people who had evolved past war and conflict several millennia ago. Until the terminus came and wiped them all out. Not just their home world, but entire solar systems and then the dimension itself. Xonerax used to be a trans-dimensional explorer seeking out knowledge and true understanding of the multiverses in his ship the Equinox. After a 200 year journey he attempted to return home and found the entire dimension destroyed and consumed by Lord Omega and The Terminus.

All the rage suppressed thought breed out of his people boiled to the surface and erupted like a great volcano.

Quest for Vengeance

He tried a direct assault on Abolition, but never got close to Lord Omega. He has since spent centuries looking for a way to seek retribution. He attempted to track The Terminus invasions and spy for a moment of Lord Omega revealing himself or even his daughter Ledra. And over the centuries even tried help a few times save the doomed people, but their war machine is limitless.

Recently while exploring a dimension under attack Xonerax learned that Lord Omega had a granddaughter that did not reside under the protection of Abolition. He searched the last three years for her, scanning worlds upon worlds for Ta’karian DNA and finally found her hiding on Earth calling herself Ultra-Girl. He placed a bounty on her, but when confronting her she revealed that she is hiding from Lord Omega as he wants her dead and make room for a male heir. After a fit of rage he became dejected and released her.

Powers & Abilities

•Superior Intelligence
•Superior Strength
•Superior Durability
•Neigh Immortal
•A small army of Xonobots
•Gauntlet plasma beams
•His Ship the Equinox


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