Background and Time Line

World Background
Date(s) Notable Event(s)
Feb 6 – TBD 2025

Issue 16


Feb 1 – 6 Feb 2025

Issue 15

Intro of Doctor Eldrich

Intro of TIN-Man & Inferno

Jan 22 – Feb 1 2025

Issue 14

Intro of Hagertown

Intro of Det. Max Schaefer

Intro of Overmind

Intro of The Jaeger

Max Schaefer is taken to the Crash Pad

Providence begins training see issue 15

Jan 21 2025

Issue 13

Intro of the Demon King

Fable p2

Providence is taken to the Crash Pad

Ultra-Girl causally mentions the Raven to Malcolm Merlynn

Jan 17 – 19 2025

Issue 12

Intro of Gustof Putanko (youngest reigning chess master)

Intergang Party Crash

Intro of Dr. Armand Pyskes

Intro of Tobias Whale

Intro of Meta Men

Jan 13 – 16 2025

Issue 11

Xander returns to Empire High,

Intro of Shadow Dancer

Raven reviews OmniCorp data with The Spider

Intro of the Alejandra (aka The Alley)

Orion and Fenris team-up on The Spider


Issue 10

Fable p1

Intro of Providence Pope

Reality Warping.

Events of this session take place after 11 & 12.

Jan 11 – 12 2025

Issue 9

Intergang Blitz

Intro of Wendigo

Iron Tiger quits the team

Orion the Hunter makes a deal with Dr. Fenris

Jan 9 – 10 2025

Issue 8

Intro of TerrorFirma

Grand City Annual International Science Symposium

Intro of X-23 Learning Robot

Intro of Alec Anderson (Olympic gold gymnast)

Intro of FrostByte

Intro of Mammoth

Intro of Wetworks

Intro of Razor Assault Vehicle

News reports possible series of gruesome murders

Jan 6 – 8 2025

Issue 7

Intro of El Toro

Intro of Volt

Intro of Joy Ride

Intro of Guardsmen Battle-Suit

Intro of The Justice Hammer

Jan 2 – 3 2025

Issue 6

Intro of MadCappers

Intro of Dr. Fenris

Intro of MadCap

Review of Argus Escapee list

December 31 2024

Issue 5

Intro of Intergang

Intro of Ballistics

Intro of Governor Teresa LaSalle & Mayor Michael Stevenson

Intro of Anthony Ivo

Intro of Warden Hugo Strange

Intro of Reach Ambassador 1105

Intro of Klarion the Witch Boy

Intro of Original Sin

Argus Prison Break

December 27th – 30th, 2024

Issue 4

Intro of Xander Samuels

Official meet New Guardians and Malcolm Merlyn

Intro of the KaoS Crew

Intro of Amanda Waller

Intro of Elite Spider Slayer Robots

Intro of the Tempest Long Range Sniper Turret

Intro of Reginald Samuels and Alistair Smythe

December 25 – 26, 2024

Issue 3

Intro of Master Da-Shi & Temple Master Na-Shi

First Look at Crashpad Aquatic/Vehicle Bay

Intro of Malcolm Merlyn

Intro of Cheshire, Stone Ox, Bronze Monkey

Intro of Orion The Hunter

Intro of Slayer Robots

December 22 – 24, 2024

Issue 2

– First look at Empire High, some staff and students.

– Intro of Iron Tigers normal ID, 17yo Michael Lau

– Origin Event of Shellback.

– First encounter with the MTF.

– First encounter with The Bashers.

– Introduction of Mr. Grey.

December 21, 2024

Issue 1

VIP opening to the Grand City Guardians Museum.

– A group of heroes thwart a gang on Boost who were trying to disrupted the event.

– The Media is a buzz with the news and footage, deeming them the New Guardians.

November 2024 – A well funded and well equipped vigilante group calling themselves the Metahuman Task Force (MTF) appears.

– They claim to be the answer to the rising meta threats but their means are unsanctioned by the government and their tactics are deadly in nature.

– Still, they seem to be gaining support and have put down some real threats.

September 2024 – The US government creates a new division under the Department of Homeland Security called the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

Amanda Waller, has been named its Director.

July 2024 An alien race calling themselves The Reach made first contact and started diplomatic as well as trade negotiations with the US and other world powers.
May 2024 – The number of low and mid powered Meta’s is on the rise.

– Crimes committed by met-humans rise significantly re-igniting old fears.

February 2024 The Guardians, earths greatest defenders, go missing and the world doesn’t know why.

Background and Time Line

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