Gerald McGlovin



Skinny, slightly pale caucasian kid. Fashion is always a slight miss but he things its the bomb.


A current king of the geeks. McGlovin has a loyal following. Self deluded and fearless he is normally seen with a smile on his face with an air of self-importance that very few share.

Family Tree

Gerald’s father is an oceanographers and mother a marine biologist. They are often away so he lives with his grandmother Ida.

Empire High

Gerald is Gold Pin sophomore at Empire High. Considered Un-Cool by most save the geeks, he is still tolerated as he is known to have “the hook-up” for anything you want. McGlovin also has a marketing eye as he always keeps aware on what is trending. Catch Phrase: “Whatever you need… McGlovin Got It!!”

He is currently selling The Spider apparel (buttons, t-shirts and tank-tops) and paying for high quality scans and photos.

Gerald McGlovin

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