KaoS Crew

New Guardians 2025


New as a group, all members of KaoS Crew have supernatural or magic origins. While Edge and Priest have been around for a many years, only Priest was known to follow the self proclaimed Lord of Chaos. A villain known as Klarion the Witch Boy. Now was the addition of Maul and Scales collectively they seem to be trying to curry the favor of this powerful villian. With the exception of Priest all members seem to American thugs at heart.



Name: Eric Blood
Origin: Supernatural
If rumor is believed Eric was born this way. His mother was a Haitian voodoo priestess from New York, and his father… a Vampire visiting from New Orleans. His mother died in child birth and Eric bounced between foster homes. Dr. believe he does have an offshoot of a rare blood disease called porphyria.
Appearance: 5’10" African American, black hair cut short. Dressed in all black with a long blank leather trench coat with reddish lining and light body armor. Sun glasses cover red eyes. Dangerously handsome.



Name: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Appearance: 6’, athletic build with skin the color of graphite. Eyes glow red when powers are active. Doesn’t seem to speak unless uttering an incantation.



Name: Marcus “The Maul” Harrison
Origin: Supernatural
The Maul was a brutal enforcer for a local gang in NY who was called in on an “easy score” of antiquities being shipped from Europe to New York. Him and his band broke into a shipping container at the docks and found a number of ancient artifacts including a large rune carved maul. Upon touching it the evil weapon immediate found a black hearted host worthy of its power and transforming him into the creature he is today.
Appearance: 9’ tall built with a powerful build and a giant face on his chest. Most of the time both speak in unison but occasionally they seem to speak independently and to one another.



Name: Unknown
Origin: Supernatual
Appearance: 5’8", lean athletic build with red scales and demon/dragon like head. Speaks with a slight Hispanic accent. Wears shades and a black trench coat.

KaoS Crew

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