Meta-Human Task Force

New Guardians 2025


The MTF claim to be the answer to the rising meta threats the “government can’t handle”.

Unsanctioned by the government, but well equipped and trained this “vigilante” group is slowly gaining support by the people. Although they enact their tactics with extreme prejudice, they have stopped some real threats and there have been no civilian casualties reported.

Currently State and Federal officials do publicly denounce the MTF’s tactics, still they don’t seem to see them as a high risk.

They’re weapons come from revers-engineering tech from the Terminus invasion and advancements made by Xandros during the time of the registration act.

Primary Weapons and Gear
Variable Assault Rifle (8 Effects)

White Auto-Fire (3 shots)
Blue Widebeam (+2OCV)
No Color Soundblast
Orange Heatray
Brown/black Anti-Matter Ray
Red Cutting Laser (Full Pahse)
Yellow Energy Grenade
Green Energy Bands

Vibro Sword
Anti-Gravity Pack

Meta-Human Task Force

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