New Guardians


Active Roster

The Spider


Name: The Spider
Secret ID Derek Drake
Origin: Super-Science
CrashPad Designation: 004
Appearance: The spider wears a firehawk-red and black head-to-toe skin tight costume. Derek Drake is far less impressive. Perhaps with a hair cut and the confidence to stand up straight he could be mistaken as attractive.
Notes: Derek was bit by genetically altered spider which granted him the powers of wall crawling, heightened strength, stamina and agility along with an uncanny sense to danger. He further created a pair of small web-blasters. Derek is a Junior at Empire High.



Name: Ultra-Girl
Secret ID Alexandra Flynn
Origin: Alien
CrashPad Designation: 003
Appearance: TBD.
Notes: ADD



Name: Overburn
Secret ID Alexander (Lex) Price
Origin: Power Armor
CrashPad Designation: 002
Appearance: 23 year old handsome blond man
Notes: Heir to the Price Industries company and Gabriel Price’s wealth. Overburn was one of the first members recruited to become a New Guardian, but after butting heads with The Raven and Ultra-Girl he left the team after one day. Lex showed restraint keeping his knowledge of The New Guardians a secret and was given a second chance to join.

The Jaeger


Name: The Jaeger or The Jäger
Secret ID Wolfgang Maximilian (Max) Schaefer
Origin: Accidental Exposure
CrashPad Designation: 005
Appearance: 46 y/o tall slender male with strong European features and dirty blond hair.
Notes: State Police Criminal Investigation Division Wolfgang Maximilian Schaefer was exposure to an exploding powerful device called the Mind Siphon while saving Grand City from the villain Overmind. This exposure left him with a form of Fugue amnesia and tremendous psychic power. No longer able to be a peace officer her joined the New Guardians.



Name: Dynamo
Secret ID Zach Pope
Origin: Science Accident
CrashPad Designation: 006
Appearance: 17 y/o athletic male who wears his old lettermen jacket from a previous school . His costume is black with a simplistic circuitry design.
Notes: He is a high school football phenom who was exposed to radiation and a heavy ion pulse granting him amazing absorption powers and the ability to release that energy back at his foes. He is cousin to Providence Pope.

Inactive Roster

Ms Mystic


Name: Ms. Mystic
Secret ID Providence Pope
Origin: Mystical abilities
CrashPad Designation: 007
Appearance: 16 y/o Caucasian girl with auburn hair that hasn’t lost all of her baby fat just yet. In costume she looks a bit taller and slimmer. Its unknown if this is do to the cut of the clothes or magic. Her costume is a hooded white cloak and form fitting white dress. She wears a red stone amulet that is considerably smaller out of costume.
Notes: Providence is cousin to Zach Pope a.k.a Dynamo. She is a underclassmen at Empire High were she is in the lowest of social circles and nearly friendless. She was born a rare reality manipulator and after having a episode where she transferred Ultra-Girl and The Spider into a fictional realm of her creation she was given to Doctor Eldrich for training in the mystical arts. Having learned some control of her powers she is anxious to join the New Guardians.

Iron Tiger


Name: Iron Tiger
Secret ID Unknown
Origin: Mystical & Martial Training
CrashPad Designation: 001
Appearance: Unknown.
Notes: former member of The New Guardians and like Soul Dragon, host to a spirit of the Kāimíng lù de zhànshì (Warrior of the Enlightened Path). He venerates the Tiger Spirit and is seeking the Dragon. Tiger has separated from the New Guardians to follow a more violent path of delivering Justice to the Wicked.

Shadow Dancer


Name: Shadow Dancer
Secret ID Unknown
Origin: Science Accident
CrashPad Designation: N/A
Appearance: Athletic Female in a Black body suit and shadowy half cape. The cape always appears to flutter under a breeze.
Notes: Not an official member of the New Guardians, and still a bit of a mystery. She has aided The Spider when they’re paths crossed investigating OmniCorp. While she has been largely helpful in a few joint endeavors her motivations still seem her own and she avoids any interaction with the press. There are currently no clear photo’s of her and only growing eye witness accounts.

NG Rogues Gallery

Doctor Fenris


Name: Doctor Fenton “Fen” Iris a.k.a Doctor Fenris
Origin: Science
Appearance: 8-feet tall at his haunches and weighing 600 kg. His hands end in deadly claws and possesses a maw of razor sharp teeth. His eyes glow a brilliant green at night.
Notes: Doctor Fenton “Fen” Iris was a research scientist for OmniCorp and part time college professor at Grand City University. Dr. Iris suffers from Darvon’s Disease, a rare thyroid condition weakening his body. In an attempt to cure the disease he created a serum alternating his DNA with that of a wolf. This transformed him into the villain known as Doctor Fenris.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.

Orion the Hunter


Name: Jack O’Ryan
Origin: Training & Gadgets
Appearance: 6-feet tall blond male in perfect athletic shape. Wears skin tight black body suit and mask with dark olive armor padding.
Notes: O’Ryan is an heir to a large fortune giving him the time to pursue his passion of hunting all across the globe. After slaying every known animal prey he turned to the most dangerous of all, man becoming a contract killer, but only accepting the most unique or difficult quarry. His only failed target has been The Spider.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.

El Toro


Name: Miguel Salvatore
Origin: Magic
Appearance: 9-foot tall man with corse drk. brown mane of hair and twin bull horns.
Notes: Miguel was a former Mexican gang member before meeting an old gypsy woman who promised him true power in exchange from helping her out. This power came with a price and changed him into the monster he is today.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.



Name: Kristin Altice
Origin: Science Accident
Appearance: Attractive young woman with short hair in a blue costume with a lightning bolt. Skin is blue w/ force field on.
Notes: Kristin was a troubled youth who was kidnapped and experimented on and gained the unique ability to generate amazing amounts of electricity at will. She is often partnered with another super criminal, one dumb enough for her to manipulate.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.



Name: Sheldon Bac
Origin: Science Accident
Appearance: 8’5" with long tree trunk like arms and a powerful maw of snapping turtle.
Notes: Sheldon was a scrutiny kid from Empire High School who had some aptitude for chemistry. One day when being bullied at school and force to eat soup made from raw ground up snapping turtle, Sheldon took an ampule of Super Boost that he had accidentally contaminated during some other experiments. What happened next was and unfortunate synergy with the foreign DNA, the mutagen in the Boost as well as some chemical remains on his hands. Together they caused his DNA to be re-written and turned him into the monstrous creature now known as Shellback
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.



Name: Lt. Floyd Lawton (former US Military)
Origin: Cyborg / Human
Appearance: 6’3", Caucasian male. Wears red jumpsuit over cybernetic exoskeleton and grey mask hiding most of his metal face plate but revealing a targeting device in place of a right eye.
Notes: Former Lt. to Xandros prior to the arch villain being put into Hot Sleep. For the last few years Ballistics has served as a mercenary and gun for hire. With a reputation of “never misses his target”, he is capable of using a large variety of weapons, well versed in demolitions and due to cyber implants can mentally control certain devices. Ballistics primary weapons are his long range energy rifle and silence dual wrist-mounted energy guns.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.

Joy Ride


Name: Joy Altice
Origin: Mutant
Appearance: Late teens, Attractive young woman with long flowing hair. Wears street clothes when not in energy form. With powers on she is a being of blue energy.
Notes: Daughter to the super criminal known as Volt, Joy Ride was born to her abilities. Able to inhabit and completely control any electrically or mechanical device.
Current Status: Active, warrants out for arrest.



Name: Madus Capalli
Origin: Science
Appearance: Yellow rubbery skin with unnaturally wide grin. Wears harlequin costume with a large feathered hat. Armed with his bubble gun “Lucy”.
Notes: Former chemical engineer turned career criminal for Intergang. Capalli specialized in chemical weapons. MadCap was the name of the mind altering chemical agent he created. During a fight with the Raven Capalli fell into a vat of the substance permanently altering him.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.



Name: Basil Carlyle
Origin: Science
Appearance: Originally 6’2" and athletic. Now can take on any appearance
Notes: Former actor and stuntman driven insane when a movie he started in was Rebooted with a new cast. The cult classic horror film, The Terror, would be modernized without him acting reprising the role as The Terror in the film. Being and adviser on the film wasn’t enough. Using and experimental make-up to disguise himself as the film’s villain, The Terror he begins killing the actors playing characters he killed in the order and way they die in the film. The make-up had side effects and turned him into the shape changing villain. He was stopped by Raven Girl and Lady Azure who thought he was linked to the Chameleon.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.



Name: Jonny Wendigo
Origin: Mystic / Human
Appearance: In human form Jonny Wendigo appears as 6’1" Native American in his 40’s but physically in his prime. He was jeans, cowboy boots leather vest or t-shirt despite the weather.
Notes: According to The Raven, Wendigo is one of the two most dangerous criminals in Argus today. Wendigo was trained as a medicine man devoted to the spirits of the land. He turned serial killer in the late 80’s because the “wind spirits whispered” his name and told him they craved blood. After his 20th kill he was finally cornered by authorities. It was then he transformed the first time into a 9’ tall brown Sasquatch like creature that could move like the wind. The state troopers were masqueraded and he went on to kill another 30 innocents throughout the mid and southwest before heroes took him down. Wendigo appears to have stopped aging and is one of the few criminals immune to hot sleep.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.

Doctor Psyko


Name: Dr. Armand Psykes
Origin: Super Science / Cybernetic
Appearance: 6’1" with powerful build and four vibrainium mechanical arms that can extend over 3.5 meters.
Notes: Originally a mousey geneticist standing only at 5’5" and 120lbs, working in the shadow Dr. Fenton Iris, and believed to have died in the Fenris incident in 2024. The once scrawny scientist now stands at an imposing 6’1" with a muscular build. A fact he dedicates to a break through he made with Chameleon Serum IV. While his adaptation of the formula did strengthen both mind and body, it also warped his morality. Psykes considers himself the spiritual successor of the Chameleon’s “good works” and has been experimenting in secret developing his “Meta-Men”. A final breakthrough on this splicing process was made when Psykes and Fenris worked together for a short period of time.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.



Name: Gordon Bockhurst aka Gorbok The Overmind
Origin: Super Science
Appearance: Freakish size head, his limbs and torso like a grotesque over‑sized dwarf.
Notes: Originally a plagiarizing medical scientist who was fired once finally got stealing a colleagues work. He then stolen ideas and components to construct a mind siphon which is used on Grand City to gain super-intelligence and powerful mental abilities. He was stopped by State CID Det. Max Schafer.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.


Name: Cesar Basulto
Origin: Mutant
Appearance: Man covered in flames.
Notes: A child of the street and petty criminal who experienced a mutation at puberty. He was captured as a teen by The Guardians and given several chances to clean up his act before finally being forced to take a serum to negate his powers and forced into a state correctional facility for boys. At 18 he was released and once the drugs wore off he chose to become a full time criminal for hire.
Current Status: Active, warrants out for arrest.



Name: Ronald Perkins
Origin: Normal human in a suit of power armor
Appearance: The TIN suit is bulky and minimalistic, with exception to the gun ports and micro-missile pods.
Notes: Perkins is a former defense contractor. The suit was originally designed as a Thermal Induction Nullifier suit or TIN suit for short for work inside an active nuclear core. After being laid off from his job he stole a TIN suit and added weapon systems to become a super villain & mercenary for hire.
Current Status: Inactive, Argus Prison.

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