Society of Shadows

New Guardians 2025


The Society of Shadows operate in secret throughout every country of the world. Called into being centuries ago by Ra’s al Ghul also known as the Red Dragon. Their original mission was to act as his elite army and shield their master from attacks as “The Fang which protects his Head”.

Through the years, the Society sought out the best killers in all manner of disciplines, from martial artists to snipers. Every member added to the Society gave up their life, sworn to the Red Dragon. Only assassins who have already completed a previous hit can be considered for Society membership, and its roster is kept strictly confidential from public eyes.

The Society as a whole is made up of three primary factions. The Dragons Head, the Right Hand and the the Left Hand. The Hands serve and protect the Head.

The Dragons Head
The Right Hand of the Dragon
The Left Hand of the Dragon

Society of Shadows

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