The Bashers

New Guardians 2025


Already “bad apples”, and small time thugs, The Fraternal twins Tom and Tina Bash were the only living test subjects of and illegal science experiment to create a super soldier serum. Not only did they survive but the gained super human strengths, stamina and toughness It also strengthen their natural mental bond.

Unfortunately the initial pain of the transformation sent them into a rage and they destroyed the facility. When they recovered, they were delighted with their now powers and didnt care where they came from. They already had the desire to take what they wanted, now they had the power too! However although physically powerful, they didnt get any smarter, so what they want is still pretty small time.

Tiny Tom Basher


Name: “Tiny” Thomas Marten Bash
Origin: Super Science
Appearance: 7-foot tall blonde haired in his early twenties. Handsome in a country bad boy way. Considers himself a gentleman. Inherently lazy, he mostly follows his sisters lead.

Tina May Basher


Name: "Tina May Bash
Origin: Super Science
Appearance: 6-foot tall blonde haired in her early twenties. Attractive but tom-boyish. Loves to fight. Extremely bossy. Considers herself the pretty one and the smart one.

The Bashers

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