The Crash Pad

New Guardians 2025


Beneath layers of cooper veined bedrock at the center of Grandbay Peak lies the secret base of the Guardians.

After the initial conflict with the military during the Metehuman Registration Act, subsequent infiltration and attacks, the growing membership of the Guardians and frequent use of the beta site, it had finally been deemed necessary to create a truly secret location with the Gallery being merely the face of the Guardians residential presence..

With the technical help of Gabriel Price and others, the new Omega site was created and largely finished. Although most internal walls are exposed bedrock, they are covered in a led and crystalline composite mesh with a slight electromagnetic field running through it. The material and the energy field were designed to obscure all known forms of detection.


Unfortunately the Guardians disappeared prior to the site becoming fully operational. The remaining work and maintenance fell to the bases caretaker Ezekiel. A more fully autonomous AI in android form. The Raven, who also acted as consultant on the bases design oversaw its completion in preparation for what a new team. New Guardians to step in for the missing originals.

Embarkation Room


This chamber houses 9 Zeta teleportation stations and a robust communications system. It is one of only two methods of entry into the base. Its design was set to quickly debrief and dispatch teams to crisis points and to be fairly self sufficient. “Guest” would not need to venture further into the base.

Additionally, this chamber could be completely locked down from the primary command center turning off power to all systems and shutting the titanium doors. Even the ventilation system can be hermetically sealed.

Common Room


Open loft style area containing a gourmet kitchen, living room area, and some entertainment (Pool Table, Dart Board, Target Range, Bowling Lane)

Team Quarters


Their are ten 15′×15′ “guest” rooms and two 20′×20′ “state” rooms. Rooms are separated by approximately 5’ of stone, insulated for privacy and comfort. Each has a bed, storage, workstation, wash room and independent environmental controls..

Science Lab


Small but state of the art modular science lab. Equipment can be configured to meet a host of different needs.

Communication Room


The command center and digital heart of the base. From here all systems can be controlled and monitored. This is also the only area to control and monitor events in the Danger Room.

Danger Room


Aquatic Bay

Pressurized airlock entry leads to a huge subterranean Aquatic and Vehicle Bay. The bay currently contains a high tech hydrofoil and V-TOL aircraft but looks like it can could hold a few more water and land based vehicles. There is a mechanical station and two more Zeta Tubes here.

The Crash Pad

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