Xander Samuels



Xander is handsome seventeen year old male with light brown hair. He often tries to dress casual at school to hide the fact that he is son to one of the top 50 wealthiest people in the world.


In general Xander is a brooding soul who lost his mother at a young age and is ever trying to please his father and earn his attention. He masks this well with a bright smile and kind words.

Family Tree

Xander’s paternal grandfather Thaddeus Samuels was the founder of OmniCorp, deceased now ten years. His father is Reginald Samuels the current CEO and majority shareholder. Xander’s mother Felicity Samuels died eight years ago during a tragic skiing accident in Aspen.

Empire High

Xander has attended Empire High School since the start of the ninth grade and is a legacy student attempting to follow in his father’s large foot steps. Xander’s freshman year was also the first year the State Education and Regulated Funded a.k.a SERF went into effect.

Unlike other students of wealth families Xander did not mind sharing the school with public students, in fact Freshman year Xander and a SERF student Derek Drake became close friends. Xander suffered a B- on a Life Science examine and was brow-beaten by his father in the mostly empty school parking lot outside of their limo, when it looked like no one else was around. Derek over hearing this offered to help tutor Xander and their friendship grew from there, even at the cost of joining the elite cool kids.

Xander isn’t an outcast by any means, the teachers cater to him as much as possible and even the coolest kids wouldn’t make fun of him as most of their parent’s fortunes are tied to Xander’s father in one way or another. But this has also kept them from being BFFs with him as well.

Recent sabbatical

Xander had been absent this first semester of junior year while in France with his father for business. He had been excited to go and spend some real time with his father, but he had been nothing more than a prop to show legislative VIP’s that Reginald Samuels is a family man.

Xander is recently returned to Empire High after winter break preceded first by an EPIC party at his family 3 story penthouse.

Xander Samuels

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